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When the idea of having kids first entered your mind you dreamed of…beautiful children who would play happily, be healthy, eat well, cuddle you non-stop and go to bed sleeping like angelic cherubs. You also thought that you would be calm, patient, connected to your kids, and that everyone else who was struggling probably had it wrong. Then you had your own kids and realised that, while it’s great, wow this parenting gig is also really hard sometimes. How do I get back to being closer to that parent I thought I would be?

Sometimes we just need a bit of help and it’s hard to know where to turn to. There are so many different opinions out there from our friends, family, and on the internet, and many of them contradict each other. It’s really challenging to know who to actually listen to. The video content on ParentTV is from down to earth parenting educators who speak in everyday language and offer solutions based on evidence and years of experience.

Sam Jockel
  • Founder and CEO

Hi I’m Sam! For the past 7 years I have been running my own businesses online after studying community development at university. I built these businesses from the ground up from my living room table and during that time I had 3 children. Social media and community development was something that came naturally to me and I was able to build large communities during this 7 years. As I was living the parenting experience myself it enabled genuine connection and insights with the mums in my community.

The year I decided to put my focus and energy into ParentTV was the year I realised that despite all the mummy blogs, online communities, parenting websites and google content things were not improving for our kids. That year my 4 year old son’s kindy teacher who was 19 died by suicide as well as a past student of my husband’s who was 14 years old and two other young people in our community. Parents are struggling, their kids are struggling and we are more disconnected and broken than ever.

Suicide is the leading cause of death among young people and mental health issues are at an all time high and climbing every year. One in ten children going into kindergarten are showing the signs of a diagnosable mental health condition. This is what keeps me awake at night and is the fire in my belly. I want to be a part of changing the story and turning this around for the next generation of kids.

Everything has shifted so quickly and parents are navigating situations no generation in the past has had to. Globally parents are the key to changing the story and the research is starting to emerge about how to best navigate some of these new parenting challenges. The opportunity for us is to find the best ways to educate parents with this new information.

When you ask me what my vision and mission for ParentTV is. It’s to build a company trusted by parents, connecting them to a local and global community, supporting them to navigate their parenting journey to enable a positive future for their family.

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What’s with the tween/teen attitude?

(7:40 mins) The tween attitude is all about defining themselves, but that doesn't mean parents can't put some limits in place to make life more livable.

Children and Head Injuries

Learn what to do when your child sustains a head injury, what first aid you can administer at home and when you need to seek medical help.

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