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Swaying – For Educators, Teachers & Parents

All children love actions – doing things with their hands and bodies. The most relaxing action of all is swaying, going side to side gently. Listen to the video and…

Singing Out Loud Slowly – For Educators, Teachers and Parents

Allison explains how her activity, Singing Out Loud Slowly For Kids, can be used by educators to help children regulate their emotions and behaviour through the use of music.

How does whole body learning work?

Through specialised activities such as mindful play, yoga, ball and circus skills, children can strengthen their capacity to respond to multiple stimuli with focus, clarity and a steady centre.

Why whole body learning?

Mindfulness and wellbeing increase connectivity in the frontal lobe of the brain, which is linked to improved attention, memory processing and decision making. Through mindful play, yoga, and circus skills…

Mindfulness and Growth Mindset

In the same way a gardener cannot force a seed or plant to grow, neither can a teacher simply make a student become more motivated, develop a growth mindset, or…

What is whole body learning?

Did you know that movement and physical activity is an important part of learning?  Being active is fun and a brilliant way to supercharge the brain.  Scientists are now discovering…

Humming – For Educators, Teachers & Parents

Have you noticed that people don't hum any more?

Making Mouth Noises – For Educators, Teachers & Parents

Chanting – For Educators, Teachers & Parents