Latest Play Skills Videos

How to set up an awesome backyard nature play area

Did you know children need secluded play for their development? A nature play area is a good way of answering these needs and helping them build independence, resilience and resourcefulness.

Making a hand scrub with kids

Making a hand scrub with kids helps build their cooking confidence and is a multi-sensory learning experience. And, parents get a hand scrub out of it! Lukas Ritson shows us…

Supporting independence with risky play

Lukas Ritson explains how letting children take risks and explore their boundaries is essential for their development and later sense of capability and self-fulfilment.

Saws and wood: The tools of play

 In this video, Lukas Ritson, loose parts and risky play expert, shows us how to help kids saw using a sawhorse, brace and handsaw, with some other tricks for reducing…

Gardening with kids

Lukas Ritson discusses the benefits of gardening with kids and gives some advice on how to get started.

Playing with a hammer and nails

Let the kids loose with a hammer and nails? Absolutely, says Lukas Ritson, an expert in loose parts play and ‘risky’ play for kids, and a master of making fun…

Making cardboard ‘wood’ for hammering

Lukas Ritson shows us how to build opportunities for learning and connection into loose parts play with this easy activity of making ’wood’ from cardboard for kids to hammer into.

Building an outdoor cubby

 In this video, Lukas Ritson shows us how his kids are learning resourcefulness, self-reliance, independence and social skills through building an outdoor cubby with stuff from around the house.

Camping in your own backyard

Around your home, you have everything you need to give your kids play and learning experiences that delight them and teach them to manage their own risks. In this activity,…

Playing at heights

Climbing trees is an opportunity for kids to develop a lot of different and important skills, including balance, coordination and cognitive functions like risk assessment. Lukas Ritson shows parents how…