General Parenting

Tips For Tackling Tough Conversations With Your Child

By Britta Marsh on 20 Aug 2018

By far the hardest conversation I have ever had was telling my children that their father had left. Seeing their hearts break (and being the one to break them) was…


Dealing with a Child that is Lying

By Britta Marsh on 30 Jul 2018

Lying is a stage that every child goes through. With this in mind, how do we deal with our little story tellers and help them understand that lying is unacceptable?…

General Parenting

The Keys To Raising A Resilient Child

By Britta Marsh on 24 Jul 2018

Life constantly throws challenges and hurdles in our path. Most adults have ways of dealing with tough situations. Sometimes our coping strategies are healthy, other times they are not, but…

Mental Health

Helping Your Child Cope With Anxiety

By Sam Jockel on 16 Jul 2018

Sweaty palms and that feeling in the pit of your stomach – perhaps you have a job interview, a big meeting, are moving house or are dealing with a relationship…

General Parenting

Why your child’s emotional intelligence is so important

By Britta Marsh on 21 Jun 2018

Emotional intelligence is essentially the ability to identify and manage your emotions, as well as being sensitive to the emotions of others. It is an important factor in how we…

General Parenting

Parenting In This Worrisome World

By Britta Marsh on 14 Jun 2018

This post was written by ParentTV expert Maggie Dent Today’s world is a worrisome place in so many ways. The global disasters and horror stories that filter through to our TVs,…


What Every Parent With An Angry Child Needs To Know

By Britta Marsh on 5 Jun 2018

This post was written by ParentTV Expert Dr. Vanessa Lapointe On a recent school day, my son and I walked through the door with the usual routine in front of us…

General Parenting

This is changing the life of parents all over the world

By Sam Jockel on 28 May 2018

I can’t even begin to count the amount of what the actual moments I have had as a parent.  One of my biggest challenges involved toileting one of my kids. …