Busy Parents’ Guide To Helping Kids Manage Big Emotions

By ParentTV on 24 Jun 2019

Sometimes it can be hard for adults to manage big emotions, let alone children who are still learning how to identify and regulate their feelings. Kids can easily get overwhelmed…

General Parenting

How to parent a 9-year-old

By ParentTV on 18 Jun 2019

Your 9-year-old is entering the preteens and possibly puberty, which can start between 8 and 12 for girls and 9 to 14 for boys. Many changes can be happening for your…

Mental Health

Normal or Not: Causes of Anxiety in Children

By ParentTV on 14 Jun 2019

This post was written by ParentTV expert Dr Jodie Lowinger Anxiety refers to the brain’s natural response to danger. This response to threatening stimuli is present from childhood and is…


Connection Seeking vs Attention Seeking Behaviour

By ParentTV on 10 Jun 2019

All humans have a basic need for love and connection. This need can vary between individuals, with some needing more love and connection than others. The Phoenix Cup approach to…

General Parenting

Helping your child deal with death

By ParentTV on 7 Jun 2019

Dealing with grief and loss as an adult is difficult enough, however it can be extremely distressing and confusing for a child, particularly one who has not experienced the death…

General Parenting

The Importance Of Teaching Kids Self-Control

By ParentTV on 5 Jun 2019

Self-control is an important life skill all children need to learn. It can also be a tricky one to teach. However, with patience and consistency, we can teach our children…

General Parenting

Why every child needs a mentor

By ParentTV on 27 May 2019

When we think of mentors, we often think of them in a professional capacity. However, mentors can play a very important role in the lives of young people too, especially…


Understanding What Drives Your Child’s Behaviours

By ParentTV on 21 May 2019

Dealing with children’s behaviour is one of the biggest parenting challenges. Not only can it be difficult to manage particular behaviours, but also to understand what drives those behaviours. Every…


The dos and don’ts of the bedtime routine

By ParentTV on 16 May 2019

Pre-kids the bedtime routine holds an illusion of peaceful bonding. I imagined reading a story to my child by the soft glow of their bedside lamp, then tucking them in…


Screen time on play dates

By ParentTV on 13 May 2019

Play dates. They are quite a different beast to when we were kids. We didn’t even call them play dates then - you just went to a friend’s house to play!…