General Parenting

Let them lead: Why you should let your child make the calls when it comes to play

By ParentTV on 1 Jun 2020

When your kids decorated the Christmas tree last year, did you sneak back and rearrange the decorations later to make them look nicer? Do you like to lead the games…


TikTok, YouTube Kids and more: What parents need to know about these popular apps

By ParentTV on 27 May 2020

Confession: We on the ParentTV team still really like Facebook. Apparently, the current generation of kids thinks it’s hilariously old-fashioned, but it works for us, so WHATEVS, CHILDREN. It helps…

General Parenting

Stop what you’re doing and pick up a book!

By ParentTV on 19 May 2020

Here’s how to making reading aloud to your children one of the greatest things you can do for them  In 2001, beloved Australian children’s author, Mem Fox, released a book…

General Parenting

The truth about temperament: Parenting the kids you have

By ParentTV on 15 May 2020

Before we have kids, we have all sorts of ideas about what it will be like being a parent, and what our kids will be like. Some of our ideas…


When kids seem unmotivated to do schoolwork

By ParentTV on 6 May 2020

Does your child seem unmotivated when it comes to schoolwork? Here’s how to explore what’s really going on! Just like adults, some children seem to have a wellspring of internal…

Mental Health

Should we teach kids mindfulness?

By ParentTV on 1 May 2020

Mindfulness brings awareness to emotions, thoughts and sensations in the body. It is about taking note of breathing and how the mind is manifesting itself in the body. There are…

Developmental Milestones

Key milestones in early physical development

By ParentTV on 28 Apr 2020

Earlier this year, we published a blog on the key milestones in early social development, and it was a bit of a hit with you, our lovely ParentTV community! It…

General Parenting

Did you know that a child’s first 1000 days are the most important?

By ParentTV on 23 Apr 2020

There is a lot of research regarding the importance of a baby’s first 1000 days of development. Aside from the obvious physical development which takes place from conception, this timeframe…


Supporting Your Child’s Online Learning from Home

By ParentTV on 17 Apr 2020

In this 'new normal' for schooling, let's work together to help set up our kids for learning from home success! If you are a school and would like to find out more…


Daily At Home Support For Parents

By Sam Jockel on 27 Mar 2020

Well, this is all a bit unexpected, isn’t it? The potential of weeks at home with your kids are stretching before you and you may be feeling a little overwhelmed…