What Happens When Your Tween Wants More Privacy?

By ParentTV on 8 Jan 2020

Things have been starting to change around here. It all started when my eldest son began complaining about having to share a room with his younger brother. It had never…

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Parenting across the planet: How different cultures raise their children

By ParentTV on 31 Dec 2019

In Australia, we’ve got a wide range of nationalities and cultural identities. But, when it comes to parenting practices, a standard, westernised approach seems to be the default. Turns out,…

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Why You Shouldn’t Tell Your Child To Stop Crying

By ParentTV on 24 Dec 2019

Kids cry. A lot. Particularly when they are little as it is the easiest way for them to express their BIG emotions. As a parent it can be hard to…


5 Tips to Help Your Toddler Eat Healthy

By ParentTV on 18 Dec 2019

Mother guilt is real! Most mothers want the best for their children and we worry about every little aspect of their precious lives. I find myself lying in bed in…

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How To Deal With A Controlling Child

By ParentTV on 11 Dec 2019

Kids can be demanding little creatures and sometimes it feels like they think parents only job is to be their servants. But sometimes a child's need for control and power…

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What to expect from your 8-year-old: their brain & behaviour

By ParentTV on 4 Dec 2019

Have you got an eight-year-old in your home?  Are they delightful? Dramatic? Disobedient?  All of the above? At around the age of eight, children go through some big developmental changes…


4 Steps to Help Your Child Calm Down

By ParentTV on 26 Nov 2019

This post was written by ParentTV psychologist Dr Jodie Lowinger Every child has meltdowns or throws tantrums from time to time. Your child may become upset for a number of…


Would you know what to do if this happened to your child?

By ParentTV on 19 Nov 2019

What would you do if you were walking through some long grass at the park and your child was bitten by a snake? What if you turned your back for…

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Expert advice: How we can help kids feel safe during bushfires

By ParentTV on 12 Nov 2019

With numerous bushfires burning across the country today, our stress levels as a community are high. Even those of us not in immediate danger are upset about what’s happened and…


Responding to behaviour challenges in today’s kids

By ParentTV on 28 Oct 2019

Have you experienced behaviour challenges with your children? No?  Perhaps they are actually unicorns? Just kidding, but seriously, we hear from a lot of parents these days that dealing with…