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Grand plans: Navigating the new, tricky territory of your parents and in-laws as grandparents

By ParentTV on 1 Mar 2021

In our last post, we talked about the importance of the dyad relationship, and how pivotal it is for healthy childhood development. We also mentioned that secondary caregiver relationships are…


You’re my number one: The dyad relationship and early infant development

By ParentTV on 22 Feb 2021

In his chapter for our ParentTV book, Parents, this is the one thing you need to know, Nathan Wallis, neuroscience and child development educator, talked about the importance of the…


Burns, bites and broken bones: A ParentTV Quick Smart, Guide

By ParentTV on 16 Feb 2021

TW: Discussion of injuries to children including serious burns, snake and spider bites and fractures/falls  Sarah Hunstead is a Paediatric Emergency Nurse, so she’s seen a lot of the things…


Communication and collaboration: How you can help your child have a good experience of school

By ParentTV on 12 Feb 2021

When your child starts school, it can be a pretty conflicting experience. You’re probably excited for them, nervous for them, and either nostalgic or a bit heavy-hearted, remembering your own…

General Parenting

Besties, frenemies and everything in between: Helping your kids navigate friendships

By ParentTV on 8 Feb 2021

Friends are a hugely important part of childhood and an integral part of the experience of growing up. A lot of us are fortunate to have fond memories of friends…