Mental Health

Helping young children deal with stress and anxiety

By ParentTV on 17 Apr 2019

Stress is a term that isn’t regularly associated with children. It is thought of predominantly as an adult burden - arising from the pressures and worries of grown up responsibilities.…


Technology Time for Siblings of Different Ages

By ParentTV on 15 Apr 2019

Having children of different ages, and at different stages of development, can pose many parenting challenges. One area that is a very common quandary for modern parents in this situation…


When will my child be able to self-regulate their emotions?

By ParentTV on 11 Apr 2019

We talk a lot about the importance of teaching our children how to manage big emotions and develop self-control. These are undeniably important life skills for every child to learn,…


Parenting someone else’s child

By ParentTV on 8 Apr 2019

Parenting is hard. So it makes sense that parenting someone else’s child is potentially even harder. Like parenting, being a step-parent can be challenging and overwhelming. But it can also…


Tantrums vs Meltdowns: What’s The Difference?

By ParentTV on 3 Apr 2019

Anyone who has spent any time at all with a child has probably experienced a tantrum. But what happens when an emotional outburst is something more? This is what we…

General Parenting

What to do when your child says “I’m bored”

By ParentTV on 1 Apr 2019

“I’m bored!” It’s a lament every parent since the dawn of time is familiar with. They have a room full of toys, a yard to explore, the world literally at…

Mental Health

Mental Health Problems And Developmental Conditions: What Every Parent Needs To Know

By ParentTV on 27 Mar 2019

Our society as a whole is becoming much more aware that health and wellbeing does not just pertain to the physical. We are becoming much more aware of the impact…


Kids and the Dessert Debate

By ParentTV on 25 Mar 2019

“If you eat all your dinner, you can have dessert.” You’ve said it, I’ve said it, our parents said it. But is it the right thing to say? Dessert can…

Social Wellbeing / Friendship

Helping Kids Learn How To Deal With Conflict

By ParentTV on 21 Mar 2019

Conflict and disagreements are an inevitable part of life. Learning how to effectively deal with these challenges is an important part of a child’s social development, not to mention their…

Social Wellbeing / Friendship

Key Milestones In Early Social Development

By ParentTV on 18 Mar 2019

Interacting with other people is a integral element of our society. Like any other skill, social skills need to be learned, practiced and mastered. Human social development actually starts from…