General Parenting

Your child at 8: How your 8-year-old’s brain is developing and how you’ll see it in their behaviour

By ParentTV on 4 Dec 2019

Have you got an eight-year-old in your home?  Are they delightful? Dramatic? Disobedient?  All of the above? At around the age of eight, children go through some big developmental changes…


4 Steps to Help Your Child Calm Down

By ParentTV on 26 Nov 2019

This post was written by ParentTV psychologist Dr Jodie Lowinger Every child has meltdowns or throws tantrums from time to time. Your child may become upset for a number of…


Would you know what to do if this happened to your child?

By ParentTV on 19 Nov 2019

What would you do if you were walking through some long grass at the park and your child was bitten by a snake? What if you turned your back for…

General Parenting

Expert advice: How we can help kids feel safe during bushfires

By ParentTV on 12 Nov 2019

With numerous bushfires burning across the country today, our stress levels as a community are high. Even those of us not in immediate danger are upset about what’s happened and…


Responding to behaviour challenges in today’s kids

By ParentTV on 28 Oct 2019

Have you experienced behaviour challenges with your children? No?  Perhaps they are actually unicorns? Just kidding, but seriously, we hear from a lot of parents these days that dealing with…


Is screen time making you mental?

By ParentTV on 21 Oct 2019

Screen time and technology use. Have parents ever agonised over anything more? From the time they’re toddlers, our children are charmed by Peppa Pig, Fireman Sam and their cohort. A…

General Parenting

Don’t take your child’s emotions personally

By ParentTV on 16 Oct 2019

“It’s not fair! I never get to do anything and you get to do whatever you want!” My 11 year old stormed off into his room, slammed the door, continuing…


What parents need to know about child protection

By ParentTV on 9 Oct 2019

Have you ever made your child kiss a family member goodbye when they don’t want to? Does your child know the correct, English-language names for their body parts? Do you…

Mental Health

The importance of letting kids feel uncomfortable feelings

By ParentTV on 3 Oct 2019

It can be incredibly difficult for parents to see their kids struggle with anything, even when it is their own emotions. However, it is important for parents to step back…

Social Wellbeing / Friendship

No friends is no fun: How to help kids make and keep friends

By ParentTV on 30 Sep 2019

For kids, the whole process of finding, making and keeping friends can be really challenging. Who are we kidding, it’s hard for adults, too, right? But for little people, the…