General Parenting

Toddler tips and tricks: Our most viewed, most popular and most enlightening videos on toddlers and their development.

By ParentTV on 24 Sep 2020

Does the ‘terrible twos’ bit end on the actual day they turn three, or…? Asking for a friend.  Asking for all our parent friends and for ourselves, because toddlers are…

General Parenting

Baby love: Our most-viewed, most popular and most enlightening videos on babies and their development

By ParentTV on 21 Sep 2020

Babies are excellent! They’re also terrifying when you get one of your very own and are thrust into the huge new world of caring for them, nurturing them and providing…

General Parenting

Sibling stress: What to do when your kids just don’t get along

By ParentTV on 15 Sep 2020

We all know someone who is besties with their brother or sister. When you ask them about their childhood, they’ll describe the convenience of having a sibling to accompany them…

Mental Health

Help! My child knows about the TikTok suicide video, what do I do?

By ParentTV on 10 Sep 2020

***Trigger Warning: Suicide*** What happened? Earlier this week, reports started circulating about a disturbing video on TikTok. A man in the US live-streamed his own suicide on Facebook and the…


What happens when the internet teaches our kids about sex

By ParentTV on 8 Sep 2020

TW: child abuse This post was co-authored by Liz Walker and Jenny Hoey of Youth Wellbeing Project. Who would have thought when we were cradling our babies in our arms,…