Mental Health

Children in crisis: Building the skills for good mental health

By ParentTV on 31 Jul 2020

The importance of mental health for adults is an issue that’s gotten a lot of attention in recent years. It’s for a good reason too: Stigma, silence and misinformation about…

General Parenting

Is wanting our kids to be happy all the time actually doing them damage?

By ParentTV on 20 Jul 2020

If you ask a parent what they want for their children, they will probably say this: Health and happiness. No arguments here for the first one, but is the second…


Does your child have a growing list of foods they won’t eat? Here’s what to do

By ParentTV on 13 Jul 2020

Are you the exhausted parent of a child who insists on dinosaur pasta for every meal? Has the child who was like a human compost bin when they were a…

General Parenting

Brain training: How you can support your child’s healthy brain development

By ParentTV on 5 Jul 2020

As parents, we’re bombarded by all the things we should be doing to help our children grow and develop physically. There’s tummy time, sleep time, and limiting screen time so…

General Parenting

Just keep swimming: Helping your kids deal with change and transitions

By ParentTV on 23 Jun 2020

Have you heard the expression ‘change is the only constant in life’?  As adults, we’re pretty used to this, on a micro level, at least. We’re accustomed to trains sometimes…