Sexuality Education

Problematic Sexual Behaviour in Children

By ParentTV on 13 Aug 2019

A national study from the University of South Australia has uncovered an increase in reports of children under the age of ten exhibiting problematic sexual behaviour towards each other, and…


Do You Feel Guilty About Laying Down With Your Child To Get Them To Sleep

By ParentTV on 8 Aug 2019

Sleep. It is right up there with feeding as one of the most stressful and guilt-inducing issues for parents. While parents stress over whether kids get enough veggies or eat…

General Parenting

5 Helpful Ways to Comfort a Crying Child

By ParentTV on 30 Jul 2019

From newborns to adulthood, crying is a release of emotion that is perfectly healthy and natural. Newborn babies are solely dependant on their parents and crying is their only form…

General Parenting

A guide to raising good humans

By ParentTV on 22 Jul 2019

Parenting is hard work. Every child is different and so is every parent, but at the end of the day what we all ultimately want is to raise good kids. …

Parenting Girls

Raising girls in a sexualised world

By ParentTV on 8 Jul 2019

Scrolling through the camera roll on my phone gives a rapid insight into the fact that my daughter is larger than life. Even at 5 years young, her sassiness and…

General Parenting

What To Expect From Your 5 Year Old

By ParentTV on 4 Jul 2019

A child turning 5 will be celebrating many milestones. Starting school introduces her to a whole new world of social connections. You will notice leaps in her development and a…

General Parenting

How Do I Get My Child To Play Independently?

By ParentTV on 27 Jun 2019

Despite the fact my four year old daughter is very outgoing and independent, there is one thing she refuses to do alone – play. For a child with a great…


Busy Parents’ Guide To Helping Kids Manage Big Emotions

By ParentTV on 24 Jun 2019

Sometimes it can be hard for adults to manage big emotions, let alone children who are still learning how to identify and regulate their feelings. Kids can easily get overwhelmed…

General Parenting

How to parent a 9-year-old

By ParentTV on 18 Jun 2019

Your 9-year-old is entering the preteens and possibly puberty, which can start between 8 and 12 for girls and 9 to 14 for boys. Many changes can be happening for your…

Mental Health

Normal or Not: Causes of Anxiety in Children

By ParentTV on 14 Jun 2019

This post was written by ParentTV expert Dr Jodie Lowinger Anxiety refers to the brain’s natural response to danger. This response to threatening stimuli is present from childhood and is…