Daily At Home Support For Parents

By Sam Jockel on 27 Mar 2020

Well, this is all a bit unexpected, isn’t it? The potential of weeks at home with your kids are stretching before you and you may be feeling a little overwhelmed…

General Parenting

Resource Support Pack for Coronavirus

By PTV on 26 Mar 2020

Teachers, educators and parents, we’re so grateful to you right now.Thank you for being on the front line of this, thank you for being available to our children and to…

General Parenting

My Child is Struggling Because Everything Is Being Cancelled

By ParentTV on 25 Mar 2020

This post was written by ParentTV Expert Dr Justin Coulson We’re living in unprecedented times. Offices are shut, streets are increasingly empty, and some people are locking themselves away. The…

General Parenting

Parenting in the pandemic: How to help your kids feel safe in a time of unrest

By ParentTV on 20 Mar 2020

So, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed with all the posts about hygiene and social distancing and self-isolation, right? You may be feeling a bit frustrated at the debate over whether or…

Social Wellbeing / Friendship

Three things you can do right now to help your kids in the fight against bullying

By ParentTV on 11 Mar 2020

Has your kid been coming home from school full of tales about bullies and how they should be dealt with? Do their plans involve epic playground battles and themselves as…


Tips for adults on how to reassure children about coronavirus

By ParentTV on 6 Mar 2020

Are your kids feeling worried about coronavirus? Even if they haven’t got a full understanding of the issue, they’re probably picking up on how others in their community are feeling,…

General Parenting

Girls in the world: Helping girls through today’s wellbeing challenges

By ParentTV on 28 Feb 2020

When we have kids, no matter their gender identity, we want to pave the way for them to self-actualise and become everything they can be. But, we also want to…


How to help heal the brains of traumatised children

By ParentTV on 19 Feb 2020

It’s funny how you think kids aren’t listening, when they actually are.  Sometimes, we have conversations with our significant others over the washing-up while the kids watch telly (unfair), or…


Introducing your new partner to your kids

By ParentTV on 12 Feb 2020

Dating as a single parent can be a complicated process. It is nerve-wracking putting yourself out there again and there is the worry that you will find someone who will…


Welcome to the World Wide Web: Getting kids off to a good start with time online

By ParentTV on 5 Feb 2020

Have you got kids that are just starting to explore the online world?  So...What are they doing? Playing Minecraft or Roblox? Watching those weird toy unboxing videos? Searching for scooter…