“Getting the best out of your team: Inspiring great attitudes and maximising effort” – FREE online PD for Principals and Childcare Directors!

By ParentTV on 1 Oct 2020
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ParentTV has partnered with Randstad​ Education to deliver an amazing 4 part online professional development series for FREE presented by internationally renowned expert, Jason Gibson.

This 4 part leadership series is specifically for principals, childcare centre directors and any person who is currently leading an education community of staff, parents and children through this unknown and ever changing complex time we find ourselves in. This second webinar is focused on getting the best out of your team by inspiring great attitudes and maximising effort.

At the completion of the session, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the 5 phase staff member success process leaders can use to grow the effectiveness of your school and early childhood teachers.
  2. Describe 3 staff development steps leaders can implement to effectively increase the skills required in the school and early childhood classroom.
  3. Articulate 3 experiences for leaders to facilitate that will increase team cohesiveness and collaboration.

Jason Gibson has been working for the last 10 years as the director of one of the leading counselling centres in the US seeing over 12,000 families a year. Prior to that he was a learning and behavioural consultant working with school districts, early learning centres and treatment facilities across the US supporting children and adolescents with social, emotional or behavioural issues. With degrees in psychology, social work, and education, Jason’s peer-reviewed research has been published in journals such as “Topics in Early Childhood Special Education” and “Education and Treatment of Children with Developmental Disabilities”.

We know how difficult it is to manage everything. The everyday running of your school, looking after staff and the increased pressure to lead the wellbeing of those in your community.

We see you. We want to help.