No friends is no fun: How to help kids make and keep friends

By ParentTV on 30 Sep 2019
Categories: Social Wellbeing / Friendship

For kids, the whole process of finding, making and keeping friends can be really challenging. Who are we kidding, it’s hard for adults, too, right?

But for little people, the social skills, self-awareness and self-regulation they need to initiate and sustain friendships can sometimes seem like an impossible ask. No friends is no fun though, especially in their school years, when seeing their mates is the thing that gets a lot of kids out the door in the morning.

As parents, we can’t make kids be friends (although we admit to giving it a crack when we hit it off with their mum or dad!) and we can’t make them stay friends if they drift apart, whatever age they are. But, it’s heartbreaking to watch lonely kids falter and struggle to connect every time they try. Then, there are the friends we kind of wish they didn’t have…

So, what can we do?

Lucky for us, the ParentTV expert team has a few ideas…

How to help kids make and keep friends

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How to help kids make and keep friends

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How to help kids make and keep friends - friendship issues

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