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Dr Justin Coulson is a popular speaker, author and guest on Australian morning television on all thing parenting. His TED Talk, ‘Raising Rebels,’ has been viewed more than 27 000 times on YouTube. His ‘Happy Families Podcast’ with his wife, Kylie, is downloaded more than 120 000 times each month. All these things make him highly qualified to advise other parents, yes?

But, do you know what makes him even more qualified? He has SIX daughters of his own. 

Each morning, Justin Coulson wakes his family by playing a song on the piano. ‘When they hear that song, they know it’s time to come to our lounge room, where we talk about our day ahead and share a story, a quote, or something inspirational and uplifting – perhaps something related to our family principles – to start our day off positively,’ Justin says. While this might sound a bit like a modern-day Little Women, there’s a key difference, and it’s to do with Justin’s credentials as a Dr in psychology: His approach to parenting is informed by research and science, with a good dose of practical experience in the mix, too. Not to throw shade on Mrs March in Little Women, but there wasn’t a lot of child development science being shared in 1868, and they still thought opium was a handy ‘tonic’ for babies who wouldn’t sleep, so…

Dr Coulson has been with the ParentTV team right from the get-go, and we know how much you guys love his gentle, kind and smart brand of guidance on all things kids. In his videos for ParentTV, Dr Coulson talks a lot about connecting, both with children in their challenging moments, and as families in our busy, fast-paced world. For the brand-spanking new ParentTV book, Parents, this is the one thing you need to know, Dr Coulson has written a chapter on the importance of family traditions. ‘Family traditions are one of the most powerful things you can do to strengthen your family, grow your children’s resilience and make your family happier,’ Dr Coulson says.

Traditions, not opium, are the tonic Dr Coulson prescribes, and his chapter makes a strong case for weaving traditions into the fabric of our family lives.

Notable quotable:

Traditions bind and seal us together through the rhythmic pattern of consistent shared experience. They force us to pay attention to one another. Just like dollars are the currency of our economy, attention and connection are the currency of our relationships. Tradition is like money in the bank of our relationship. It keeps us connected, centred, and focused on what matters most: one another.

Dr Justin Coulson

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