The Keys To Raising A Resilient Child

By ParentTV on 24 Jul 2018
Categories: General Parenting

Life constantly throws challenges and hurdles in our path. Most adults have ways of dealing with tough situations. Sometimes our coping strategies are healthy, other times they are not, but chances are we learnt a lot about how to overcome adversity from our childhood .

To give our children the best chance, we need to teach them they can handle adversity. A situation might be hard, unpleasant and even sometimes traumatic, however some things cannot be avoided and quitting may not be an option. Helping your child to build resilience, problem solve and deal with responsibility are important lessons in helping them face and overcome adversity.

To parents some issues facing our children may seem trivial. But even if something seems like a non-issue to us that does not mean it isn’t a big deal for the child facing it.

Whether it is a hard homework assignment, mastering a physical skill, dealing with a personal conflict or some bigger issue, here are some ways you can help your child learn to deal with tough situations:

Above all, be a good role model for your child. They will see how you deal with life’s challenges and there is a very high chance your strategies will become their strategies too.

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