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Active Listening: How To Communicate Effectively

    Expressing your wants and needs and listening to understand what the other person wants or needs are important communications skills. Healthy communication can benefit your relationships with your family, friends and peers.

    There are three different styles of communication: passive, aggressive and assertive. Passive communication is when people do not clearly express their feelings, thoughts or needs to others. Aggressive communication is when people forcefully express their feelings, thoughts or needs, but do not take into consideration what anyone else wants. This may lead them to bully others into doing what they want. Assertive communication is when a person clearly expresses their thoughts, feelings and needs and also takes the other person’s thoughts, feelings and needs into consideration. This is the healthiest form of communication.

    Good communication is not only about expressing yourself but also actively listening and working to understand what the other person is saying. Learning and practicing these healthy communication skills will prepare you for the times when communication with someone is most important.