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First Kiss And Showing Affection

    Thinking about kissing or showing someone affection can feel a bit scary, but this nervousness is completely normal. Before you decide you’re ready for that first kiss or even a hug, consider whether you trust and feel safe with this person. Think about why you want to get physical. Is it just to fit in or to please the other person? If it’s because you truly want to be closer to this other person and show them affection, then you may be ready for that first kiss. Before you do anything ask yourself this question: Did they consent to a kiss, hug or hand-holding? The only way you will know is if you talk to the other person and find out what you’re both comfortable with.

    There are lots of ways to show affection, like kissing or holding hands. However you and another person choose to show affection, you might be worried that you’ll do it wrong. Nobody is born knowing how to kiss or exactly when to ask another person if you can hold their hand. If you trust and feel comfortable with the person you want to show affection, things may be awkward at first, but you’ll talk and eventually figure out what feels right together. And if you’re still not sure about all of this, talk to an older sibling, a parent or other trusted adult.