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Help kids learn where babies come from

    It’s quite common for children between the ages of three and five to ask questions about where they came from, or more generally, where babies come from. Some parents and caregivers may interpret this to be a question about sex, when a child is really asking about their place in space and time. The simple answer to the question is that a baby grows inside the biological mom’s body in a place called a uterus (not the stomach or belly!). Then, when the baby is ready to come out, it goes through a special passageway, called the vagina, to the outside world. Adults can then add the fact that in some cases the doctor takes the baby out of the uterus through the belly. Simple, direct answers like these will not only satisfy the child’s curiosity in the moment but also encourage them to ask more questions in the future. And in the process, children will come to identify parents and other caregivers as their primary sources of information.

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