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What Is Sexual Harassment?

    Sexual harassment is a type of bullying intended to hurt or intimidate someone. It can include verbal harassment, such as sexual jokes or sexual comments, as well as physical harassment in the form of sexual gestures, touching in a sexual way or sexual actions toward or about another person. Sexual harassment can also include asking someone to share sexual pictures, sending someone unwanted sexual pictures or starting sexual rumors about someone (in person, via text, online or in writing in a public place, like a bathroom stall).

    Sexual harassment is never okay, and it’s important to understand what sexual harassment is so your behavior does not hurt others. It is also important to remember that there are consequences for participating in this type of behavior.

    If someone is sexually harassed, it is never that person’s fault. No one has the right to bully or harass another person. If someone is being sexually harassed, they can tell the person harassing them to stop. If this does not stop the behavior, tell a trusted adult—like a parent, relative, teacher or coach—and keep telling adults until the harassment stops. If the harassment happens at school, speak with a guidance counselor, nurse or administrator to get help and find out if your school has a policy on bullying and harassment.