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    Hi community, I was hoping some of you might be able to provide some suggestions or advice on a problem I’m having with my 2.5 y.o boy. Since my boy turned 2 or maybe even slightly earlier he has always struggled with myself or my husband when changing a pooey nappy. He’s fine if it’s just wee but he hates it when we have to clean up poo and struggles, kicks and carries on. We have tried to introduce him to the potty and his daycare centre have also tried but he’s just not intetested yet which is fine but not if we can’t sirt out this nappy changing business as the older and taller he gets the more messy and frustrated we all are. Have any other parents experienced this with their boy? Any suggestions on what to do or how else to get him interested in the potty? I have tried to talk to him about what he doesn’t like e.g cold wipes, feeling wet, sore bottom but he just says he’s it makes him unhappy. Not sure how to best handle this. Please help!

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