Brains & Behaviour

With Allison Davies

Learn how to support your child’s behaviours using brain care, not behaviour management.

Through this event, you will learn exactly how your child’s brain responds and reacts to the world around them giving you more insight into their minds than you’ve ever had before!

You will finally understand what goes on in that head of theirs! Quite literally! And with that will come complete clarity around managing their behaviours.

You will come away with the tools and strategies you need to focus on your child’s brain care in a way that manages their behaviours both at home and in the classroom.

And just a word of warning? Without fail, everyone who’s ever done this course has left saying “WOW, I had NO IDEA how much I’d learn about MYSELF!”

The course is ideal for you if you’re:

  • concerned about your child’s anxiety
  • managing a classroom with complex behavioural dynamics
  • working with children
  • trying to support your child through meltdowns, shutdowns and behavioural outbursts
  • parenting a neurodivergent child
  • interested in better understanding of how the child’s brain develops and how to support it to function at its best

Course Videos