Course Videos

Everyday Resilience: Mini Intro

What's this Everyday Resilience course for kids about, anyway?

Everyday Resilience 1: Meet Father Dave

Father Dave is the kid that every friendship group needs! This video explains how he supported other kids without getting in the way of bullies.

Everyday Resilience 2: Push back with truth

You can’t beat meanness by being mean. In this video, Michelle offers some strategies for what you can do instead when someone is being mean to you A LOT.

Everyday Resilience 3: Tricks to Combat Meanness

There are always going to be mean kids around. Lucky for us, Michelle Mitchell’s got some really good tips for dealing with them! This one’s for the kids, from Michelle’s…

Everyday Resilience 4: Handle gossip like a pro

Gossip getting you down? Here’s what to do if your friends won’t stop talking about other people in a mean way.

Everyday Resilience 5: Stand Alone

It can be REALLY hard to deal with, but sometimes we find ourselves without any friends. Here’s how to handle it.

Everyday Resilience 6: Handle Disappointment

Here’s how to let go of the ideal and embrace the real situation when something disappointing happens.

Everyday Resilience 7: Welcome new people

It can be tricky to start a conversation with someone you don’t know, but Michelle has some good tips for how to make new people feel welcome.

Everyday Resilience 8: Say no when you need

What do you do when your friend starts making bad choices, or when a friend likes you but you don’t really like them? Here’s some ideas!

Everyday Resilience 9: Don’t carry problems home

One of the things good friends do is NOT take on the problems of others. Here’s how to listen and care about your friends without carrying their problems home with…