Guiding Behaviour with The Phoenix Cups

With Sandi Phoenix

We all know the saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup” and when it comes to raising children, giving so much of our time and energy to these little people can really ’empty our cups’!

But what if, just like us as adults, our children have cups too, and by identifying their different cups (or needs) we can better understand their behaviour?

Welcome to the Phoenix Cups Framework, developed and founded by Sandi and Chris Phoenix!

This course will help you identify your child’s cups, which are the biggest or most dominant cups and which areas we need to help teach our children how to fill their own cups. You will also learn about different (and often challenging) behaviours that are associated with each cup and how to design new strategies to support different behaviours.

Course Videos

Parenting with different needs profiles

With the Phoenix Cups theory in mind, let’s take a look at how two people with different needs profiles can parent together.

Thinking cup filling thoughts with Chris Phoenix

In this video, Chris explores how the way we think about things affects the way we feel about things which impacts on our behaviour.

Unrealistic Expectations with Chris Phoenix

Adjusting your expectations when it comes to parenting can be very important based on what dominant cup your children have.