Course Videos

3 people your kids need to watch out for online

In this video, ParentTV expert and Behavioural Specialist, Dr Jason Gibson, gives us a lowdown on protecting our  kids from three harmful characters they may encounter in their explorations online.

Three Reasons parents don’t address problematic technology use

Jason Gibson has met many families where kids’ tech use has spiralled out of control and become a major problem. Here’s how it happens and what to do about it.

How to make a plan for technology

Behavioural Specialist, Jason Gibson, talks about how making a plan with your child or teen to guide your responses when something goes wrong can be hugely beneficial to you both.

How to put safety fences around technology use

In this video, Behavioural Specialist, Jason Gibson, talks us through some areas of our kids’ and teens’ technology use that are important to put fences (boundaries) around.

How to take away technology if it’s becoming a problem

Many parents may feel the need to take away their child or teen’s tech. Here’s how to do it safely and practically.

What to do if your child won’t talk to you about their technology use

If your child doesn’t want to have a mature conversation about their technology use, they may not be mature enough for the tech itself...Here’s how to broach it with them!

What to do when your child asks you for a smart phone

The conversation with your kids about getting them new tech devices is already a very familiar one to many parents. Jason Gibson has some suggestions for how to make those…

The parent tech squad

When you’re trying to work with your kids on the issue of technology, it can be helpful to have a team to call on for backup. Those people are your…

What to do instead of technology

 Sometimes, getting kids off their devices is a monumental battle. Here’s Jason Gibson's strategy for making it a little easier to provide good alternatives. 

What children need to know about the internet

Our kids start out on their online journey with innocence. We can try to preserve this to an extent, but their naivety carries dangers that should not be underestimated.