Supporting Your Child's Online Learning from Home

With Rob Walker

In this course, Rob Walker an experienced teacher, K-12 school principal and advocate for good schooling for our kids and best practices shares his tips on how to best support your child’s online learning from home.

Course Videos

How can parents set up a good learning environment at home?

 In this video, K-12 principal, Rob Walker, gives parents some tips for setting up a good physical working environment for kids at home, with advice on all the ergonomic, practical and safety measures to consider.

How can parents facilitate routines and schedules for kids learning at home?

K-12 Principal, Rob Walker, explains why it’s important to keep students in a routine while they’re learning at home, and suggests a few other things to keep in mind…

How should I communicate with the school when my child’s learning at home?

When you, your child and your school are all adjusting to this new way of learning at home, communication between all parties is vital. Rob Walker gives us an idea of what teachers and schools will be working on and what parents can do to keep communication lines open.

How should I communicate with my child when they’re learning at home?

When your child is learning at home, you’ll probably want to know how they’re going but they may not volunteer this info. Principal Rob Walker suggests some leading questions to help you gauge where they’re at.

What are the responsibilities of parents when kids are learning at home?

This is new territory for many parents and a lot of us are unsure about what our responsibilities are when children are learning at home. K-12 principal, Rob Walker, offers some suggestions.

How will schools support students to continue learning at home?

COVID-19 has changed the way most kids are receiving their education at the moment. So, how will schools support learning when kids are no longer in classrooms? K-12 principal, Rob Walker, explains.

How can I help my 4 - 8 year old learn at home?

If you’ve got a little one at home, you’re probably wondering how you can best support them to learn at home. Principal Rob Walker has some ideas!

How can I manage screen time when my child’s learning at home?

Screens are going to be a pretty inevitable feature of this learning at home time for many families. K-12 principal, Rob Walker, gives some guidelines on how to manage the screen time issue.

What are the responsibilities of students when they’re learning at home?

What can we ask kids to take responsibility for when they’re learning at home? K-12 principal, Rob Walker, outlines some reasonable expectations.

How can I safeguard my child’s wellbeing when they’re learning at home?

 Isolation is hard on everyone and learning at home can be challenging, too. Principal Rob Walker discusses how to safeguard your child’s wellbeing at this time.