General Parenting

Dealing with Sibling Rivalry

(4:09 mins) Sibling rivalry! It’s so tough... yet it’s biologically normal and we can see it as a 'teachable moment'.

How to cope with chaos at home

(4:36 mins) Wishing your home was less chaotic and more calm?

More Merry, Less Mayhem at Christmas

These days there’s a lot of pressure to do everything LARGE including Christmas. In this video, parenting author and educator Maggie Dent challenges us all to turn the volume down…

Defusing Your Anger as a Parent – The Parental Pause

(5:08 mins) Want to know a simple strategy to defuse your anger when you’re losing it with your kids?

Calming anxious kids

Does your child know what anxiety feels like for them and what they can do about it when it arises? Here are some simple strategies to figuring out your child’s…

When anger turns physical

(5:50 mins) What do we do when our kids start lashing out in anger.

Talking to children about suicide

(4:09 mins) How do you explain to a child that someone they love has died by suicide?

Why movement and play are crucial in childhood

(3:34 mins) Move it! Here’s why you should take those words very seriously in your home.

How to talk to your children about death

(4:16 mins) Death is a reality that we all need to face including our children.

Raising hopeful kids in a world of negative news

Our children are often impacted negatively by unfortunate world events thanks to modern technology. So what is the best approach to a child who is fearing the worst from our…


When Kids Use Colourful Language

A ParentTV Member asked our experts: "My little girl has started Prep this year and picked up a lot of language that we don’t use at home. She has started…

When Children tell lies

(2:58 mins) Fibs, white lies and pathological lying… how do we deal with that?

Angry Children – part 2

(3:32 mins) Anger as an emotion can be pretty challenging.

Why boys behaviour is their language

For a number of reasons, our boys are often conditioned to go straight to anger, rather than allowing other feelings like sadness or regret or fear. This video takes a…

Hitting, biting and other parenting challenges

(4:47 mins) Hitting, biting, running away? Here are some insights for those truly tough parenting moments.

Help! My child is stealing things

Stealing needs to be looked at and talked about in different ways at different ages. This video discusses how to explore the concept of ownership with young children and when…

How To Cope With Backchatting and Rudeness

One of the most common problems parents face is backchatting or rudeness from their child. Maggie Dent discusses why this happens and what parents can do to stop this negative…

When Kids Won’t Stop Whining

Maggie Dent discusses how to stop your child from whining. Maggie talks about how triggering whining can be for parents and what whining tells us about our children and their…

Understanding children’s choices

(3:31 mins) Why on earth is my child doing THAT? Let’s look at it through their eyes.

Dealing with Kids’ Tantrums

(4:15 mins) Has your child left toddlerhood but still having tantrums?