Connecting with your kids

(3:57 mins) My four evidence-based tips for staying connected when your kids seem hell-bent on pushing your buttons!

Why sharing is a big deal and what to do instead when your little one refuses

(4:13 mins) The title says it all! Let's talk about why making kids share isn't a big deal and how to practice genuine empathy at home.

Why children are defiant

(3:27 mins) Let's have an honest talk about why children may be consistently defying you at home. Struggling with talk back, slammed doors or aggression at home? This may be the video for you!

Why children stop listening

(4:29 mins) In this video we break down the three big reasons kiddos stop listening and what you can do about it today!

Why most punishment doesn’t work

(4:11 mins) Are you struggling with consequences that simply don't work? Do you find yourself relying on punishment that, in the end, feels useless and make you seem like the "bad guy"? Learn why most punishment does not work and be free of the parenting guilt we often mix with using ineffective punishment.

Toddler Sibling Conflict

Toddler behaviour expert Steph Wicker answers a ParentTV members question: "I have a Three year old speech and gross motor delayed little man and a Seventeen month old little miss.…

How to manage tantrums in public

(6:28 mins) Learn how to gently support your child's tantrums in public without feeling ashamed or the "bad guy"!

How to use evidence based punishment techniques

(6:29 mins) Let's have a chat about what punishment actually means in the world of behaviour science. By looking at examples of real punishment that we use daily without noticing can draw a light onto how punishment doesn't have to be the enemy.

Taming tantrums at home

(6:38 mins) Why do toddlers tantrum and why does it get out of control sometimes? Learn evidence-based techniques to helping your child amidst the storm and teaching early stages of self-soothing.