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They say it takes a village to raise a child.
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You're a good parent.

You wouldn’t be here, otherwise.

But, you can’t be everything to your child.

You can’t have the expertise of a dietitian, speechy, psychologist,
OT and paediatrician.

You can’t channel the wisdom of parenting gurus, neuroscience educators and music therapists.

You can’t always know how to help your kids manage anxiety, peer pressure, bullying, divorce and other upheaval in their lives…

But ParentTV can.

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ParentTV helps you be calmer, clearer, more
confident and more connected with your kids

Understand their developmental stages and what they mean

Identify the needs behind their behaviour to address it effectively

Get help for specific challenges or issues as they arise

Learn how to help them manage big feelings like anxiety

Get practical, actionable strategies to implement immediately

Learn about their brains, cognition and emotional intelligence

Recognise and support neurodiversity and neurodivergence

Receive expert guidance and empathy without judgement

Get advice on many social, emotional, health and learning issues

Guided by Experts

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Familiar faces and innovators giving you both tried and tested methods and cutting-edge research.

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What Parents are saying about ParentTV

ParentTV is a must have for all parents and educators.

I love ParentTV because it has relevant and reliable parenting advice all in one place.

Being able to access it so easily on my phone is like having all of the experts in my pocket!


I love the resource and think it is fantastic. I have been madly telling everyone I know about it because I think it is that great.


I have 3 boys aged 6, 4 and 1 so I’m always saving articles on various topics on Facebook and a lot of the articles saved were shared by ParentTV.

ParentTV just seemed to have what I wanted to learn and research all in the one place! And with the super low intro price I couldn’t see why I shouldn’t sign up!


I have recently signed up to ParentTV and I have already learnt so much from this absolutely fabulous online resource which is available 24/7.

So many of my favourite experts and they all use real life examples which has made it easier for me to relate to. The videos are short but very thought provoking and I find that because they are to the point and quite specific I can easily fit them into my busy schedule. Added bonus is that my husband and I can recall most of what is said without having to watch the online video multiple times 🙂


I absolutely loved the Autism Video by David Loyst. He is relaxed, engaging and gentle and the information is amazing! Congratulations on all that you have achieved so far, your platform is easy to use, professional, incredibly supportive and inspiring, with first class content and experts.


I had the privilege of speaking with a Mum about Fathers Day. The children’s father had passed away when they were young and Mum was keen to address the subject of death with her children in a supportive and age appropriate manner.

It was fantastic to be able to so easily turn to ParentTV to get some expert and helpful advice from Maggie Dent on this very topic. Thanks for creating this great resource and I’m excited I can now direct others to this space.

Sally – School Chaplain