There is much demand on schools and childcare centres from parents not only for academic outcomes but also for the social emotional development of their children. In fact research carried out by the University of Queensland estimated that it costs Education Queensland $230m per annum to help with the parenting of the children who attend their schools (reference).

At ParentTV one of our goals is to add value to schools and childcare centres and support them by helping parents to thrive and raise great kids.

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5 ways ParentTV can help your school or childcare centre:

  • Weekly emails with links to video‚Äôs, blog posts and quote cards for use on your social media, website, apps, newsletter and any other forms of communication you might have.
  • Content based on monthly themes such as friendship, nutrition and bullying, relevant to different times in the school calendar.
  • Curated video content for the smart TV in your waiting area with the experts and topics of your choice looped for your parents to view.
  • Your school parents can sign up individually for free and have access to all of the video and course content through your school or childcare centre subscription.
  • Teachers can also access all of the content when needed for help with students in their class or for professional conversations with parents during parent teacher interviews and for new enrolments e.g. how to prepare your kids for school.

Reliable advice from experts in a wide range of parenting topics

Maggie Dent
  • Parenting Educator
  • Behaviour and Development
Jason Gibson
  • Behavioural Specialist
Dr Kaylene Henderson
  • Psychiatrist
  • Mental Health
Dr Justin Coulson
  • Psychologist
  • Behaviour and Development
Dr Kristy Goodwin
  • Digital and Wellbeing

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