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ParentTV is the common ground where schools
and parents can learn, connect and collaborate
to raise happy, healthy kids.

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School and family shape
a child’s life.

These two factors have a huge impact on how kids learn and grow, and they need support from both to thrive. So, it makes sense for schools and families to collaborate, right?

ParentTV helps your school to help the parents in your community.

With a wide range of short videos from professionals on topics like anxiety, bullying, technology and behaviour, ParentTV is the common ground where teachers and parents can learn, connect and collaborate to raise happy, healthy kids.

Access to reliable expert advice for parents, carers, educators and staff

A platform for collaborating on the care and education of kids

On-demand, easy to understand, short and engaging micro-PD for staff

Ready-made social media and newsletter content straight to your inbox

Resources for teachers to use in class (brain breaks, mindfulness activities)

Responsive advice for community crises (bushfires, COVID-19, suicide)

Information on conditions such as ASD, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder

A resource to offer parents who need help beyond a teacher’s training

Updated, research-based information on child development and neuroscience

Parents Reached
Institutions Supported

Guided by Experts

The best and brightest experts from Australia and beyond, all in one place, accessible any time,
in language we can all understand.

Familiar faces and innovators giving you both tried and tested methods and cutting-edge research.

Rachel Downie
What is and isn't bullying
Dr Justin Coulson
How to Teach Your Child Self Control
Maggie Dent
Building Confidence in Kids
Andrew Oberthur
What do I do if my child gets a teacher I don't like?

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Interview with Andrew Oberthur, Principal of 20 + years

Why Schools choose ParentTV

ParentTV is an invaluable resource that teachers and parents can draw upon to help parents navigate tricky situations in school.”
Parents have come to me so appreciative for short, sharp videos which give them some wisdom that they might not already have. Parents want the best for their children and are looking for information, so having experts that provide that information for them is gold!

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What Schools are saying about ParentTV

We are loving ParentTV at our school! We are working through 9 Ways To A Resilient Child course as a parent/staff body at the moment.
School Principal
ParentTV is a resource of reliable and consistent information for parents and teachers.
School Admin
ParentTV is an asset to be able to refer parents to this site when they have questions about their children.
School Admin
ParentTV provides support for parents, to build capacity with our school community to develop resilient students - in many areas - physical, mental, social etc.
School Admin
As a teacher, ParentTV is about self learning and referring particular videos to parents/groups.
School Teacher
ParentTV provides an avenue and platform of support for our parents that they can access in the privacy of their own home. I also really like being able to refer parents to the site or a particular video when they raise certain issues or concerns with me.
School Principal
ParentTV allows me to easily share content with parents I work with. It's also good because the clips are short, easy to understand and are delivered by experts in the field.
Wellbeing Officer
ParentTV benefits parents but also teachers. If parents are equipped with the tools to raise their children well, that creates a better behaved, more resilient and more teachable child in the classroom. As a school we are providing a wonderful tool for our school community to help them raise their children well.
School Director
I had the privilege of speaking with a Mum about Fathers Day. The children’s father had passed away when they were young and Mum was keen to address the subject of death with her children in a supportive and age appropriate manner. It was fantastic to be able to so easily turn to ParentTV to get some expert and helpful advice from Maggie Dent on this very topic. Thanks for creating this great resource and I’m excited I can now direct others to this space.
School Chaplain