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Help, my child is a runner!

Dr Vanessa answers a ParentTV members question: "Our 3-year-old is a fan of fleeing. It's almost as though his circle of security spans around the whole globe. He is well…

What to do about the socially anxious child?

When should parents be concerned about their child's social anxiety? Claire discusses the steps you can take to help your child when it comes to this difficult situation.

When does shyness become a problem?

Parenting expert Claire Orange talks through shyness in children, what to look out for and be concerned about, and ways that you can empower and boost a shy child's confidence.

What to do if you suspect your child has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

Music therapist and brain care specialist Allison Davies answers a ParentTV members question: "I have concerns that my 14 year old has signs of sensory processing disorder. Since birth he…

How Predictability Helps Children Function

Predictability for your child is more than just a routine. Allison discusses how creating a predictable environment for your child can help mould their behaviour and brain function.

What is anxiety and why are children experiencing it?

What is anxiety and what does it look like in a child, both physically and mentally? Allison discusses the signs to look for and causes for the increase of anxiety…

The difference between tantrums and meltdowns

Do you know the difference between and tantrum and a meltdown? Allison explores that characteristics of and motives behind each of these, sharing ways in which you can help manage…

How to manage Sensory Overload

With so much sensory information rivalling for our children's attention, how do we help them manage the messages to try and avoid them coming to the point of overwhelm? Click…

Understanding Overwhelm

What is overwhelm and why are our children experiencing it? Allison looks at triggers and solutions to help your child through these experiences.

Understanding the Sensory Systems

Let's take a look inside your child's brain and see why they behave the way they do, because behaviour is always a by-product of what is going on in the…

Mental Health

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Understanding the causes of mental health issues in young people

There has been a significant increase in mental health issues in children and young people and Kids Helpline is seeing this every day. Amanda explains some of the causes of…

Understanding Suicide in young people

Suicide is a very tricky topic to understand and talk about as there is a lot of stigma and misinformation out there about it. Amanda from Kids Helpline discusses everything…

Therapies and techniques used to treat anxiety in children

Dr Jodie discusses practical research-supported therapies used to treat anxiety in children.

Reducing Anxiety In Kids with Mindfulness and Meditation

We hear a lot about mindfulness and meditation these days, but what is it, how can we teach these skills to our children and together, how can we use them…

Parent strategies to help your child reduce anxiety and feel strong

If your child is experiencing anxiety, what can you as a parent do to help, what strategies can you implement and when do you need to seek help for your…

The impact of mind and body connection in helping with anxiety

What role does sleep, diet and exercise play in childhood anxiety and why is important to be aware of the mind and body connection?

Helping your child understand anxiety

What is happening in a child's body when they experience anxiety? And once you as the parent understand, how can you explain what is going on for them, to your…

How to know when child anxiety is becoming a problem

What is anxiety and what are the signs and symptoms that anxiety is becoming a problem for children? Dr Jodie looks at the social, emotional and physical displays of anxiety…

Anxiety in Teens – What You Need to Know About Anxiety

Most of our teenagers will experience anxiety at some point in time during their adolescent years. It's important as their parents to help them understand what it is, why it…

Anxiety in Teens – How to Manage Anxiety

This video explores the most effective strategies that your teenager can use to help them strengthen their mind and body against anxiety.

Social Wellbeing / Friendship

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