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Just for the fun of it – The Fun Cup

When the Fun Cup is empty, it’s not fun for anyone so how can we put fun back into our everyday routine? Find out more by watching the 'Guiding Behaviour…

Freedom Fighter – The Freedom Cup

Spirited children will fight fiercely for freedom. Parenting with Freedom Cup filling in mind can be Freedom Cup filling for the whole family. Find out more by watching the 'Guiding…

I’ve got the Power – The Mastery Cup

Children who need power and recognition have creative ways of getting it. Find out more by watching the 'Guiding Behaviour with the Phoenix Cups' course here.

Help, my child is a runner!

Dr Vanessa answers a ParentTV members question: "Our 3-year-old is a fan of fleeing. It's almost as though his circle of security spans around the whole globe. He is well…

When Kids Won’t Stop Whining

Maggie Dent discusses how to stop your child from whining. Maggie talks about how triggering whining can be for parents and what whining tells us about our children and their…

Help! My Child Is Biting People

Parents are often horrified and embarrassed when their child sinks their teeth into others or even themselves for the first time! However, biting is actually a completely normal and natural…

Speaking to children without stupid questions

Do you find yourself asking your child questions and not receiving an answer? Teacher Tom discusses the notion of speaking to children with stupid questions and how we need to…

The Power of Informational Statements

In a previous video, Teacher Tom talks about the dangers of speaking to children in commands, so if this is the case, how do we speak to children? This video…

Alternatives to punishments and rewards

Teacher Tom explores how punishments and rewards work in a child's mind and the concept of 'natural consequences'.

The danger of speaking to children with commands

This video helps analyse how it is you speak to your child and how changing your approach can help improve your child's behaviour.


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Social Wellbeing / Friendship

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