General Parenting

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What’s happening in your teen’s brain and why it can make them unreasonable

Teenagers undergo a massive period of brain development in which their frontal cortex basically ‘shuts for renovations,’ as neuroscience educator, Nathan Wallis, says. In this video, Nathan talks us through…

Balancing work and parenthood

The struggle is real! Discover an expert's views on how we can balance work and parenthood.

How to talk to your child and get them to open up

Amanda from Kids Helpline shares her tips for talking to children, tweens and teens in a way that makes them feel safe and comfortable to open up about what they…

What to do when your child asks you for a smart phone

The conversation with your kids about getting them new tech devices is already a very familiar one to many parents. Jason Gibson has some suggestions for how to make those…

Understanding your child’s personality

By understanding which temperament traits your child has been born with, you can help them reach their full potential.

Kids, Anxiety and Coronavirus

There are three important things you can do to help your kids through the current situation in a way that will ultimately help them build resilience.

Why movement and play are crucial in childhood

(3:34 mins) Move it! Here’s why you should take those words very seriously in your home.

Helping your child navigate dating, relationships and break ups

Inevitably at some point in your child's life, they are going to enter the world of dating, relationships, and breakups. Here you can find out what you need to know…

Play ideas with a 3-year-old

(2:22 mins) Play ideas with a 3-year-old

Why your child (and teen) is ruled by emotion over logic

When your child is between two and eight, and again in adolescence, they’re ruled by their frontal cortex, or feeling brain. Neuroscience educator, Nathan Wallis, explains what this means for…


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Teaching young children to ‘use their words’ when they’re upset

We'd all love our kids to 'use their words' when they're upset - learn expert tips for encouraging this in your child

Connecting with your kids

(3:57 mins) My four evidence-based tips for staying connected when your kids seem hell-bent on pushing your buttons!

How to take away technology if it’s becoming a problem

Many parents may feel the need to take away their child or teen’s tech. Here’s how to do it safely and practically.

When Kids Won’t Stop Whining

Maggie Dent discusses how to stop your child from whining. Maggie talks about how triggering whining can be for parents and what whining tells us about our children and their…

How to make a plan for technology

Behavioural Specialist, Jason Gibson, talks about how making a plan with your child or teen to guide your responses when something goes wrong can be hugely beneficial to you both.

The Power of Informational Statements

In a previous video, Teacher Tom talks about the dangers of speaking to children in commands, so if this is the case, how do we speak to children? This video…

Alternatives to punishments and rewards

Teacher Tom explores how punishments and rewards work in a child's mind and the concept of 'natural consequences'.

What is anxiety and why are children experiencing it?

What is anxiety and what does it look like in a child, both physically and mentally? Allison discusses the signs to look for and causes for the increase of anxiety…

Angry Children – part 2

(3:32 mins) Anger as an emotion can be pretty challenging.

Angry Children – part 1

Does your child regularly lose their temper?


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The four ‘Heys’ of technology

Parent TV expert and Behavioural Specialist, Jason Gibson, has some strategic advice on understanding and being involved in your child’s tech use and behaviour and building your family ‘technology team’.

What to do if your child won’t talk to you about their technology use

If your child doesn’t want to have a mature conversation about their technology use, they may not be mature enough for the tech itself...Here’s how to broach it with them!

How can I keep my child safe online?

Learn the current cyber-safety risks facing young kids and simple strategies to keep them safe online.

Is my child addicted to technology?

If you were to ask them, many parents would say the thing they are most worried about when it comes to their children becoming teenagers, is drugs, but there is…

How do I know if my child is being cyberbullied and what should I do if they are?

These days, bullying no longer stops at the school gate when a child is picked up - it follows them home. Rachel discusses what the signs are that your child…

How to put safety fences around technology use

In this video, Behavioural Specialist, Jason Gibson, talks us through some areas of our kids’ and teens’ technology use that are important to put fences (boundaries) around.

Three Reasons parents don’t address problematic technology use

Jason Gibson has met many families where kids’ tech use has spiralled out of control and become a major problem. Here’s how it happens and what to do about it.

Is it okay to use screens on play dates?

Discover the risks of using digital devices on play dates and simple ideas to tackle this sometimes tricky situation.

Teens and Social Media – Why it Matters and How to Keep it Healthy

Social media is a big part of a teenager's life. As parents, it's our job to understand why it matters so much to our teens and how we can help…

Why does my child throw techno-tantrums?

(8:52 mins) Understand why your child throws a tantrum when you ask them to turn off the phone, gaming console or TV.

Mental Health

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Teens and Depression – The Warning Signs and What to Do

Are you concerned your teenager might be depressed, or heading that way? Here's a great overview of what to look out for in your teen's behaviour and mood that signal…

How to heal the brains of traumatised children

When a child has experienced trauma, it’s important to build their brain from the bottom up to help them heal. In this video, neuroscience educator Nathan Wallis explains what each…

The impact of mind and body connection in helping with anxiety

What role does sleep, diet and exercise play in childhood anxiety and why is important to be aware of the mind and body connection?

Therapies and techniques used to treat anxiety in children

Dr Jodie discusses practical research-supported therapies used to treat anxiety in children.

Talking to children about suicide

(4:09 mins) How do you explain to a child that someone they love has died by suicide?

Teens and Depression – Why Teens are Vulnerable and What Parents Can Do

The brain changes that teenagers experience make them particularly vulnerable to depression. Knowing the different areas where this vulnerability occurs can help parents understand how best to support their adolescents…

How parents can help kids feel safe during bushfires

In this video Maggie Dent speaks directly to parents about how they can talk with their kids when tragic bushfires happen.  She gives practical tips and guidance to parents to…

Understanding the causes of mental health issues in young people

There has been a significant increase in mental health issues in children and young people and Kids Helpline is seeing this every day. Amanda explains some of the causes of…

Reducing Anxiety In Kids with Mindfulness and Meditation

We hear a lot about mindfulness and meditation these days, but what is it, how can we teach these skills to our children and together, how can we use them…

How to talk to your children about death

(4:16 mins) Death is a reality that we all need to face including our children.

Social Wellbeing / Friendship

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Why children don’t tell anyone they are being bullied

Often by the time parents hear about the bullying that has been taken place, it has been going on for quite some time. This can lead to us as parents…

Strengthening Teens Against Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a very normal part of adolescence. As parents, there are things we can do to help our children withstand some of these pressures.

What bullying is and what bullying isn’t

What is a parent to do when their child comes home and says they have been bullied? The very first thing a parent needs to do is asses the situation…

Parenting Lambs – our more sensitive kids

(3:56 mins) Have you got a sensitive, shy ‘lamb’ in your family? Here’s some tips for supporting them.

How do you grow up grateful kids

We all want to grow up kids who are full of gratitude rather than full of the greeduy-gimmee’s. The most important thing to know in this is that gratitude is…

Tweens and privacy – how much is too much?

(2:31 mins) As kids get older they deserve some privacy, but there's a process involved, based on trust.

What to do when your child has no friends

(5:01 mins) Tween friendships are built on respect, trust, shared stories and having fun. Sometimes you have to teach your child how to be a friend before they can find them in real life.

What you need to know about 7 and 8 year old girls – when the social nastiness gets going

What is happening in our 7 and 8 year old girl's development that causes changes in behaviour around this age? Claire discusses what is going on in their brains and…

Do you make your child say I’m sorry?

Knowing how important it is for us to get along with others, we can become really focused on making sure our children mind their manners. This often includes making our…

How to teach your child to deal with bullying using comebacks not insults

How can you teach your child the right response to a bully? Rachel talks through practical tips that you can give to your children and even role play with them,…


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Cradle cap and other common newborn rashes

When your child gets a rash, it can be quite alarming! Find out what cradle cap is, what causes it and how to treat it, as well as other common…

Should I start with night sleeps or naps first?

Considering tackling your little one’s behavioural sleep issues can be an overwhelming prospect but it doesn’t have to mean that you’re signing up for 24/7 intense sleep training duty. In…

Do I have to let my baby cry it out?

There are a number of different schools of thought when it comes to letting your baby 'cry it out'. Meg discusses the different approaches and what works best in the different…

My baby is unsettled after feeding. What could be causing it?

Pinky discusses the common reasons your baby might be unsettled after feeding including reflux, allergies and intolerances.

When will my baby start to sleep through the night?

The age-old question every parent wants to know! Are there things you can do to help your baby sleep through the night, or is it just something that comes with age?…

My baby won’t self-settle. Will they ever be able to fall asleep on their own?

Can you teach your baby to fall asleep on their own and is this the right approach? Pinky explores the concept of self-settling and looks at how babies fall asleep.

When will my baby fall asleep on their own?

One of the most popular questions every parent asks is when will my baby fall asleep on their own. In this video Meg shares what to expect when it comes…

Ideal nap time routine

It’s not realistic to do a full bedtime routine for every nap but there are certainly some easy ways to ensure that your little one is as calm and ready…

Medical causes of crying in babies and settling tips

Having a baby who cries a lot can be exhausting and distressing. Find out what could be causing them to be unsettled and how you can help them.

Ideal bedtime routine

Having a bedtime routine is an important part of making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. This is the ideal bedtime routine I recommend. Having a bedtime routine is…


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I think my child is too big/overweight

Find out if your child is overweight and what you can do to help without harming

My kid ate everything and now they won’t eat anything!

Dealing with food refusal. What to do when the baby-feeding honeymoon is over.

Milk monsters – What to do when your child is still drinking bottles or just too much milk

Wondering what to do with your baby or toddler who loves milk but won’t eat?

Kids who won’t eat veggies or fruit

Answer the age-old question of why kids find veggies so challenging

Medical Causes of Failure To Thrive (poor weight gain) Part 1

(5:36 mins) What causes poor weight gain in children? Learn about how failure to thrive is diagnosed and how to manage it in this 2 part video series.

Food Allergies and Intolerances

What is the difference between allergy and intolerance? What are the signs of food allergies? How to reduce the risk of food allergies in babies? Find out in this video!

Dessert – addressing the tricky questions of what, how much, when, and if you should use it as a reward or withhold as punishment

Addressing the tricky questions about dessert and whether kids should be eating it

How we unwittingly teach kids to become emotional eaters

Find out how not to teach your kids to eat for emotional reasons

Treatment of Failure To Thrive (poor weight gain) Part 2

(3:40 mins) What causes poor weight gain in children? Learn about how failure to thrive is diagnosed and how to manage it in this 2 part video series.

Fussy eater or typical kid?

Find out if your child is actually a fussy eater or frustratingly normal.


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Constipation Causes, Signs and Symptoms (Part 1)

(11:46 mins) In this video, learn about the causes of constipation as well as how to recognise it and prevent it.

Treatment Of Fevers in Children – Part 2

Learn the definition of fever, how to take temperatures and how to manage them in this Two part video series.

How to remove a tick

Do you know how to remove a tick safely, without causing more damage or poisoning? Sarah discusses the latest research in tick removal and how to do it safely.

Children and Head Injuries

Learn what to do when your child sustains a head injury, what first aid you can administer at home and when you need to seek medical help.

Social Connection While Socially Distancing

‘We are organisms of attachment, and we’re meant to be socially connecting, not socially distancing. We need to find ways to be together right now when we’re physically apart.’

Children and Poisoning

Sarah talks through how to poison-proof your house and what to do in the event your child has been poisoned.

CPR For Babies (0-12 months)

Learn how to perform CPR on your baby aged 0 to 12 months.

Causes of Bed Wetting (nocturnal enuresis) – Part 1

(5:23 mins) Dr. Megs runs through risk factors, medical causes and treatment options for nocturnal enuresis otherwise known as bedwetting in this 2 part video series.

What Do Peadiatricians Do?

(1:15 mins) Find out the different ways a paediatrician can support you and your child through this video.

Causes Of Fevers in Children – Part 1

Learn the definition of fever, how to take temperatures and how to manage them in this Two part video series.