General Parenting

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Play ideas with a 3-year-old

(2:22 mins) Play ideas with a 3-year-old

Celebrating Dads

(3:06 mins) A tribute to all dads recorded for Father's Day

Discipline without damage doesn’t mean without limits, boundaries or growing up

Often times when people hear that children shouldn’t be given consequences or put in time out, but rather understood empathically and championed developmentally, they get worried! Usually the worry is…

How to talk to your child and get them to open up

Amanda from Kids Helpline shares her tips for talking to children, tweens and teens in a way that makes them feel safe and comfortable to open up about what they…

Understanding your child’s personality

By understanding which temperament traits your child has been born with, you can help them reach their full potential.

Raising hopeful kids in a world of negative news

Our children are often impacted negatively by unfortunate world events thanks to modern technology. So what is the best approach to a child who is fearing the worst from our…

Preparing kids for a divorce

(4:11 mins) Going your separate ways? Here’s how to prepare the kids.

Connecting with kids – building love bridges

(6:10 mins) Quality time can be a rare commodity for today's busy parents.

Encouraging kids to think in shades of grey, not just black and white

In this video, Nathan Wallis, neuroscience educator, talks about helping kids who see things in black and white (or right and wrong) to think more creatively, and see shades of…

How to relate to your kids so that they get that you love them

Did you know that there are six stages of attachment that all children ideally progress through in the first six years of life? Not experiencing one or more of these…


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Is your child being ‘naughty’ or just not coping

(3:30 mins) Are you missing something when you think your child is being ‘naughty’?

Why Teens Will Often Be Driven Towards Risky Behaviour (Sexting, Drinking etc) and What Parents Can Do

Did you know the human brain is not fully developed until about the age of 24? In this video, Karen Young discusses what is happening in the brains of teenagers,…

When kids are mean – Relational Aggression

(3:13 mins) Has your child been subject to put downs, sarcasm and other forms of relational aggression?

When Kids silliness becomes too much

(3:53 mins) Is your child’s silliness affecting your lives?

The danger of speaking to children with commands

This video helps analyse how it is you speak to your child and how changing your approach can help improve your child's behaviour. Watch Teacher Tom's related video, "The Power…

What if my child has bullying behaviours

This is possibly one of the hardest things to face as a parent, but how you react and deal with the situation can make all the difference!

I will survive – The Safety Cup

Your children are driven to thrive so what can you do to ensure they’re survival cup filling as much as they can. Find out more by watching the 'Guiding Behaviour…

Understanding Overwhelm

What is overwhelm and why are our children experiencing it? Allison looks at triggers and solutions to help your child through these experiences.

When Kids Use Colourful Language

A ParentTV Member asked our experts: "My little girl has started Prep this year and picked up a lot of language that we don’t use at home. She has started…

What to do when your tween says they hate you

(3:18 mins) Big emotions can lead to harsh words, so separate the rules from your relationship to keep them in check.


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Technology Time For Siblings of Different Ages

Digital and technology expert Dr Kristy Goodwin answers ParentTV members question: "As a parent of three young children (7, 4 and 1) I am beginning to see difficulties in ensuring…

Why can’t I put my phone down?

Understand why your child throws a tantrum when you ask them to turn off the phone, gaming console or TV. (10:39)

What parents need to understand about online gaming

Rachel discusses what to look out for when it comes to online gaming and children's behaviour. She gives an important insight into two of the most popular games causing issues,…

Is my child addicted to technology?

If you were to ask them, many parents would say the thing they are most worried about when it comes to their children becoming teenagers, is drugs, but there is…

How much screen-time is healthy for my pre-schooler 2-5 years old?

Learn how much time is healthy for pre-schoolers to be spending on screens.

Impact of screens on kids under 5

(4:35 mins) What are all these screens doing to my child’s brain?

Is it okay to hand over my phone if my child tells me they’re bored?

(5:30 mins) Dr Kristy dispels the myths and gives simple advice about whether it’s okay to give kids screens when they’re bored.

How much screen-time is appropriate for my child 5-8 years old?

Understand how to calculate healthy screen-time limits for your child, so you can stop feeling guilty.

What times of the day should I limit or avoid screens?

(9:37 mins) This video will highlight two critical times of the day when parents/carers need to be careful about using screens.

What are some guilt-free (even educational) ideas for screen-time for pre-schoolers?

Learn some educational ways you can use screens with your pre-schooler.

Mental Health

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Understanding Overwhelm

What is overwhelm and why are our children experiencing it? Allison looks at triggers and solutions to help your child through these experiences.

Calming anxious kids

(5:30 mins) Anxiety is not an enemy state… but we need to get a handle on it.

Therapies and techniques used to treat anxiety in children

Dr Jodie discusses practical research-supported therapies used to treat anxiety in children.

How to know when child anxiety is becoming a problem

What is anxiety and what are the signs and symptoms that anxiety is becoming a problem for children? Dr Jodie looks at the social, emotional and physical displays of anxiety…

How to talk to your children about death

(4:16 mins) Death is a reality that we all need to face including our children.

How to heal the brains of traumatised children

When a child has experienced trauma, it’s important to build their brain from the bottom up to help them heal. In this video, neuroscience educator Nathan Wallis explains what each…

Understanding Suicide in young people

Suicide is a very tricky topic to understand and talk about as there is a lot of stigma and misinformation out there about it. Amanda from Kids Helpline discusses everything…

Reducing Anxiety In Kids with Mindfulness and Meditation

We hear a lot about mindfulness and meditation these days, but what is it, how can we teach these skills to our children and together, how can we use them…

Helping your child understand anxiety

What is happening in a child's body when they experience anxiety? And once you as the parent understand, how can you explain what is going on for them, to your…

Preparing children for a death

(3:44 mins) When someone your children loves is going to die, how can you prepare them?

Social Wellbeing / Friendship

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Do you make your child say I’m sorry?

Knowing how important it is for us to get along with others, we can become really focused on making sure our children mind their manners. This often includes making our…

Toxic friendships

All friendships have their ups and downs, but when it comes to toxic friendships, what do parents need to know and how can we teach our children about the damaging…

Tweens and privacy – how much is too much?

(2:31 mins) As kids get older they deserve some privacy, but there's a process involved, based on trust.

When friends fallout – a parent’s guide to tween friendships

(5:35 mins) The tween attitude is all about defining themselves, but that doesn't mean parents can't put some limits in place to make life more livable.

How do you grow up grateful kids

We all want to grow up kids who are full of gratitude rather than full of the greeduy-gimmee’s. The most important thing to know in this is that gratitude is…

Adolescents and Friendships: What Parents Need to Know

During the teen years, friendships and a need to belong become a very significant part of life. It's important to understand how real this is and how you can best…

What to do if your child is in fact being bullied in person or online

If your child is, in fact, being bullied, whether online or in person, what is the next step and how do you go about it in the right way?

How much is too much for after-school activities?

(4:07 mins) It's all about balance. No matter how much they do, kids need time to rest, play and get their homework done.

Strengthening Teens Against Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a very normal part of adolescence. As parents, there are things we can do to help our children withstand some of these pressures.

What to do about the socially anxious child?

When should parents be concerned about their child's social anxiety? Claire discusses the steps you can take to help your child when it comes to this difficult situation.


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Should I start with night sleeps or naps first?

Considering tackling your little one’s behavioural sleep issues can be an overwhelming prospect but it doesn’t have to mean that you’re signing up for 24/7 intense sleep training duty. In…

My baby won’t self-settle. Will they ever be able to fall asleep on their own?

Can you teach your baby to fall asleep on their own and is this the right approach? Pinky explores the concept of self-settling and looks at how babies fall asleep.

Cradle cap and other common newborn rashes

When your child gets a rash, it can be quite alarming! Find out what cradle cap is, what causes it and how to treat it, as well as other common…

Help! My breastfed baby won’t take a bottle and I’m going back to work in a few weeks.

Pinky shares her tips on how to introduce a bottle to a breastfed baby.

Ideal nap time routine

It’s not realistic to do a full bedtime routine for every nap but there are certainly some easy ways to ensure that your little one is as calm and ready…

My baby is unsettled after feeding. What could be causing it?

Pinky discusses the common reasons your baby might be unsettled after feeding including reflux, allergies and intolerances.

When will my baby fall asleep on their own?

One of the most popular questions every parent asks is when will my baby fall asleep on their own. In this video Meg shares what to expect when it comes…

Top Five Tips for Babies and Toddlers

In this video, Midwife Cath shares her Top Five Tips for parenting in the first 3 years. She covers swaddling and wrapping your baby and the importance of floor play.…

Do I have to let my baby cry it out?

There are a number of different schools of thought when it comes to letting your baby 'cry it out'. Meg discusses the different approaches and what works best in the different…

My baby has separation anxiety and won’t go to anyone but me

Pinky explores the 'velcro baby', why some babies have separation anxiety and how we can help them to be better settled with other people.


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Dessert – addressing the tricky questions of what, how much, when, and if you should use it as a reward or withhold as punishment

Addressing the tricky questions about dessert and whether kids should be eating it

Weight and Body Image Issues in Children

Accredited dietitian and nutritionist Deb answers a ParentTV members question: "Just asking some advice on how to address children, in particular, preteen/teen girls who have issues with their weight/ body…

Milk monsters – What to do when your child is still drinking bottles or just too much milk

Wondering what to do with your baby or toddler who loves milk but won’t eat?

Food Allergies and Intolerances

What is the difference between allergy and intolerance? What are the signs of food allergies? How to reduce the risk of food allergies in babies? Find out in this video!

My kid ate everything and now they won’t eat anything!

Dealing with food refusal. What to do when the baby-feeding honeymoon is over.

Grazers – kids who snack all day but won’t eat meals

Was your food grazer child born that way or is grazing a learned behaviour?

Medical Causes of Failure To Thrive (poor weight gain) Part 1

(5:36 mins) What causes poor weight gain in children? Learn about how failure to thrive is diagnosed and how to manage it in this 2 part video series.

Kids who won’t eat veggies or fruit

Answer the age-old question of why kids find veggies so challenging

I think my child is too big/overweight

Find out if your child is overweight and what you can do to help without harming

Toddler nutrition and sleep – what foods best encourage sleep

Food fuels your toddler’s body and they can be fussy little monkeys which makes it even harder! Learn which foods you should be focusing on to promote sleep and which…


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Medical causes of crying in babies and settling tips

Having a baby who cries a lot can be exhausting and distressing. Find out what could be causing them to be unsettled and how you can help them.

Children and Head Injuries

Learn what to do when your child sustains a head injury, what first aid you can administer at home and when you need to seek medical help.

What To Do If Your Child Is Choking

Sarah teaches parents what to do when their child is choking.

CPR For Babies (0-12 months)

Learn how to perform CPR on your baby aged 0 to 12 months.

Constipation Causes, Signs and Symptoms (Part 1)

(11:46 mins) In this video, learn about the causes of constipation as well as how to recognise it and prevent it.

Treatment Of Fevers in Children – Part 2

(4:29) Learn the definition of fever, how to take temperatures and how to manage them in this 2 part video series.

Food Allergies and Intolerances

What is the difference between allergy and intolerance? What are the signs of food allergies? How to reduce the risk of food allergies in babies? Find out in this video!

CPR For Children ( 1-8 years)

Learn what to do in an emergency situation, and if that situation requires CPR, how to deliver CPR to a child between 1 and 8 years old.

Children and Limb Injuries (Suspected Broken Bones)

Sarah talks through assessing limb injuries, checking for broken bones and what the next best course of action is.

What is eczema and how is it managed?

If your child has eczema, it can be quite distressing for you and them. It is important to know what eczema is and how you can manage it.

Breast / Bottle Feeding

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How do I stop my baby from biting when I am breastfeeding?

Is there a way to encourage your baby not to bite while feeding...especially once they get teeth? Meg shares her tips and tricks in this video.

My baby is unsettled after feeding. What could be causing it?

Pinky discusses the common reasons your baby might be unsettled after feeding including reflux, allergies and intolerances.

Is my baby weaning or having a breastfeeding strike?

It's sometimes hard to know if your baby is weaning or going on a breastfeeding strike. Find out how to tell the difference in this video. It's sometimes hard to…

How do I stop night feeds, and when is a good age to do this?

Many new mothers are conflicted about when to try and drop their baby's night feeds. Pinky discusses how and when the best time to drop night feeds is for your…

Painful breastfeeding…is it ever normal?

Breastfeeding can come naturally to some mothers, but others need to work on it to develop the skill. But is painful breastfeeding part of the journey? Meg discusses the issue of…

Tips on how to gently wean your toddler

As your baby grows you may start having to think a little more about yourself and putting up some breastfeeding boundaries. Find out some helpful tips about how to wean…

My partner wants to bottle feed our baby but I’m unsure

My partner wants to bottle feed our baby to bond, but I don’t want to introduce a bottle. What can we do?!

Can I breastfeed my second baby if I didn’t breastfeed my first?

What should you do if you didn't breastfeed your first child, but you would like to try with your next baby? There is hope and Pinky shares some tips on…

Is breastfeeding my baby to sleep creating bad habits?

One of the most popular questions I am often asked is, does breastfeeding my baby to sleep cause bad habits. Find out the answer to this question in this video.…

How can I prepare a breastfed baby for childcare?

There is always going to be a transition period for a baby who is starting childcare. If you breastfeed your baby to sleep or they haven't started taking a bottle yet,…