Covid 19

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How to give your child what they need during COVID-19

Lukas Ritson urges parents to not try and become extra teachers for their children during the COVID-19 pandemic, but to be loving, nurturing and present parents, instead.

Commonsense and the Coronavirus

The world is hearing a lot of scary news about coronavirus everywhere at the moment and the anxiety around this is going to be affecting parents, as well as children.

Coronavirus for Parents

As schools and childcare centres around the world close their doors in response to the coronavirus, it can be easy to think of it like a summer holiday, or some…

Parent strategies to help your child reduce anxiety and feel strong

If your child is experiencing anxiety, what can you as a parent do to help, what strategies can you implement and when do you need to seek help for your…

How to manage Sensory Overload

With so much sensory information rivalling for our children's attention, how do we help them manage the messages to try and avoid them coming to the point of overwhelm? Click…

How Predictability Helps Children Function

Predictability for your child is more than just a routine. Allison discusses how creating a predictable environment for your child can help mould their behaviour and brain function.

Kids, Anxiety and Coronavirus

There are three important things you can do to help your kids through the current situation in a way that will ultimately help them build resilience.

Moving From Coronavirus Anxiety to Effective Action

Clinical Psychologist Dr Jodie Lowinger, details a simple, 3-step plan for helping us recognise and alleviate the stress and anxiety we’re all feeling about the pandemic.

Social Connection While Socially Distancing

‘We are organisms of attachment, and we’re meant to be socially connecting, not socially distancing. We need to find ways to be together right now when we’re physically apart.’

General Parenting

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Children are not small adults

One of the mistakes parents often make is thinking of their growing children as though they were small adults. In this mindset, we can often, by downward extension, apply the…

Preparing kids for a divorce

(4:11 mins) Going your separate ways? Here’s how to prepare the kids.

Why you need to encourage your child to question authority

This video looks at how by questioning authority, our children are learning things in their own way.

Commonsense and the Coronavirus

The world is hearing a lot of scary news about coronavirus everywhere at the moment and the anxiety around this is going to be affecting parents, as well as children.

What kids wish parents knew

Kids Helpline speaks to kids of all ages each day and have seen a theme of three main things kids want their parents to know about them.

What counsellors wish parents knew

Amanda from Kids Help Line discusses the top three things the counsellors at Kids Helpline wish that parents knew about kids and young people.

Raising hopeful kids in a world of negative news

Our children are often impacted negatively by unfortunate world events thanks to modern technology. So what is the best approach to a child who is fearing the worst from our…

When Parents are absent

(4:30 mins) Does one of the parents in your house travel a lot for work or other reasons?

How to find your way when your kid is losing their mind

It can be hard when your child is losing their mind to not jump into with them and also lose your mind. The science of child development tells us that…

Parenting on the same page as your partner

Getting aligned with your partner can be tough. But it can make family life easier. Here’s some ideas to parent on the same page.


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Help! My child is stealing things

Stealing needs to be looked at and talked about in different ways at different ages. This video discusses how to explore the concept of ownership with young children and when…

Why most punishment doesn’t work

(4:11 mins) Are you struggling with consequences that simply don't work? Do you find yourself relying on punishment that, in the end, feels useless and make you seem like the "bad guy"? Learn why most punishment does not work and be free of the parenting guilt we often mix with using ineffective punishment.

What’s happening in your teen’s brain and why it can make them unreasonable

Teenagers undergo a massive period of brain development in which their frontal cortex basically ‘shuts for renovations,’ as neuroscience educator, Nathan Wallis, says. In this video, Nathan talks us through…

What sort of rewards or incentives can I give my child?

Primary School principal, Andrew Oberthur, talks us through his guidelines for appropriate use of incentives, affirmations and rewards for kids.

Ways to really listen so your child shares more

Ever asked the kids how their day was and had no response? Here are ways to find out what’s really going on in your child’s life.

What is anxiety and why are children experiencing it?

What is anxiety and what does it look like in a child, both physically and mentally? Allison discusses the signs to look for and causes for the increase of anxiety…

Teenage Flare-Ups: Why They Happen and How to Deal With Them

The incomplete development of the teenage brain means they'll often misinterpret everyday communication. Understanding this as parents can help us to communicate more effectively with our adolescents and reduce the…

Responding to your child’s problems at school

In this video, Primary School Principal, Andrew Oberthur, outlines the options parents have when choosing how to respond to problems their child is having at school.

Alternatives to punishments and rewards

Teacher Tom explores how punishments and rewards work in a child's mind and the concept of 'natural consequences'.

When Children tell lies

(2:58 mins) Fibs, white lies and pathological lying… how do we deal with that?


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How do I know if my child is being cyberbullied and what should I do if they are?

These days, bullying no longer stops at the school gate when a child is picked up - it follows them home. Rachel discusses what the signs are that your child…

Children & Screens – Finding the Balance

(4:41 mins) Is time spent on screens affecting my child's development?

We asked 20 000 students, “What is something that you do on the internet at home that you’re not allowed to?”

Rachel has asked 20 000 students, "What is something that you do on the internet at home that you're not allowed to?" The results are confronting and enlightening and it…

How can I manage screen time when my child’s learning at home?

Screens are going to be a pretty inevitable feature of this learning at home time for many families. K-12 principal, Rob Walker, gives some guidelines on how to manage the…

What to do instead of technology

 Sometimes, getting kids off their devices is a monumental battle. Here’s Jason Gibson's strategy for making it a little easier to provide good alternatives. 

Teens and Social Media – Why it Matters and How to Keep it Healthy

Social media is a big part of a teenager's life. As parents, it's our job to understand why it matters so much to our teens and how we can help…

Three Reasons parents don’t address problematic technology use

Jason Gibson has met many families where kids’ tech use has spiralled out of control and become a major problem. Here’s how it happens and what to do about it.

Is my child addicted to technology?

If you were to ask them, many parents would say the thing they are most worried about when it comes to their children becoming teenagers, is drugs, but there is…

Impact of screens on kids under 5

(4:35 mins) What are all these screens doing to my child’s brain?

Is it okay to hand over my phone if my child tells me they’re bored?

(5:30 mins) Dr Kristy dispels the myths and gives simple advice about whether it’s okay to give kids screens when they’re bored.

Mental Health

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Preparing children for a death

(3:44 mins) When someone your children loves is going to die, how can you prepare them?

Helping your child understand anxiety

What is happening in a child's body when they experience anxiety? And once you as the parent understand, how can you explain what is going on for them, to your…

The impact of mind and body connection in helping with anxiety

What role does sleep, diet and exercise play in childhood anxiety and why is important to be aware of the mind and body connection?

Understanding the causes of mental health issues in young people

There has been a significant increase in mental health issues in children and young people and Kids Helpline is seeing this every day. Amanda explains some of the causes of…

Kids, Anxiety and Coronavirus

There are three important things you can do to help your kids through the current situation in a way that will ultimately help them build resilience.

How to talk to your children about death

(4:16 mins) Death is a reality that we all need to face including our children.

Understanding Overwhelm

What is overwhelm and why are our children experiencing it? Allison looks at triggers and solutions to help your child through these experiences.

Parent strategies to help your child reduce anxiety and feel strong

If your child is experiencing anxiety, what can you as a parent do to help, what strategies can you implement and when do you need to seek help for your…

How to help your child locate and release difficult emotions in their bodies

Dr Charlotte Reznick, Child and Educational Psychologist and ParentTV expert, talks us through an exercise that will help your child understand where in their body they are holding a difficult…

Talking to children about suicide

(4:09 mins) How do you explain to a child that someone they love has died by suicide?

Social Wellbeing / Friendship

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Managing the boisterous bluster of Eight and Nine-year-old boys

Claire discusses what causes the change in behaviour we need to be aware of in boys around this age. She talks through strategies on how to set your son on…

Tweens and privacy – how much is too much?

As kids get older they deserve some privacy, but there's a process involved, based on trust.

Helping tweens deal with disappointment

Disappointment forges strength, perseverance, and resilience, so we need to support our kids through challenges, not try and clear them out of the way.

Parenting an only child

(2:57 mins) One may the loneliest number but it doesn’t mean your ‘only child’ is at a disadvantage.

5 Ways To Grow Your Child’s Social and Emotional Brain

It is one thing to know how to grow your child’s physical self, but what about growing their hearts and souls? Here Dr. Vanessa talks about the aspects of social-emotional…

What to do if your child is in fact being bullied in person or online

If your child is, in fact, being bullied, whether online or in person, what is the next step and how do you go about it in the right way?

How to teach your child to support others who are being bullied

So what do you do as a parent when your child comes to you with the problem of someone else being bullied, or perhaps they have witnessed some disturbing or upsetting…

What to do when your child has no friends

(5:01 mins) Tween friendships are built on respect, trust, shared stories and having fun. Sometimes you have to teach your child how to be a friend before they can find them in real life.

What to do about the child who only wants intense, suffocating friendships

In this video, Claire explores how parents can help a child who is being suffocated by a particular friend and also what to do about it if your child is…

When friends fallout – a parent’s guide to tween friendships

The tween attitude is all about defining themselves, but that doesn't mean parents can't put some limits in place to make life more livable.


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When will my baby fall asleep on their own?

One of the most popular questions every parent asks is when will my baby fall asleep on their own. In this video Meg shares what to expect when it comes…

Does overnight sleep guidance necessarily mean bedtime sleep guidance?

Not everyone necessarily wants to eradicate the bedtime feed-to-sleep habit but that doesn’t mean you can’t work on the rest of the night and get the overnight wakings resolved. We…

Help! My breastfed baby won’t take a bottle and I’m going back to work in a few weeks.

Pinky shares her tips on how to introduce a bottle to a breastfed baby.

My baby won’t self-settle. Will they ever be able to fall asleep on their own?

Can you teach your baby to fall asleep on their own and is this the right approach? Pinky explores the concept of self-settling and looks at how babies fall asleep.

Cradle cap and other common newborn rashes

When your child gets a rash, it can be quite alarming! Find out what cradle cap is, what causes it and how to treat it, as well as other common…

Sleep guidance when room sharing with your child

For whatever reason you may wish to continue room-sharing with your little one but also reduce the amount of wakings they have overnight. This is completely achievable, and we talk…

Ideal bedtime routine

Having a bedtime routine is an important part of making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. This is the ideal bedtime routine I recommend. Having a bedtime routine is…

Neuroscience and motor development: What to do and what to avoid

In this video, Nathan Wallis, neuroscience educator, talks us through what we need to do (and not do!) to support the motor development of babies. 

Ideal nap time routine

It’s not realistic to do a full bedtime routine for every nap but there are certainly some easy ways to ensure that your little one is as calm and ready…

Does it matter which parent does the baby whispering?

It can be confusing working out who is better off going to your little one when you first start sleep training. Should it be dad because your little one will…


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How do I know if my child is eating enough?

Many parents worry that their child isn’t eating enough. Find out if you should be worried or not.

I think my child is too big/overweight

Find out if your child is overweight and what you can do to help without harming

Food Allergies and Intolerances

What is the difference between allergy and intolerance? What are the signs of food allergies? How to reduce the risk of food allergies in babies? Find out in this video!

Toddler nutrition and sleep – what foods best encourage sleep

Food fuels your toddler’s body and they can be fussy little monkeys which makes it even harder! Learn which foods you should be focusing on to promote sleep and which…

“Forbidden” foods

Addressing the sticky subject of feeding kids sweets and lollies

How we unwittingly teach kids to become emotional eaters

Find out how not to teach your kids to eat for emotional reasons

Cow’s milk intolerance in babies and young children

Learn how to recognise the signs of cow milk protein intolerance and how you can treat it.

Grazers – kids who snack all day but won’t eat meals

Was your food grazer child born that way or is grazing a learned behaviour?

Milk monsters – What to do when your child is still drinking bottles or just too much milk

Wondering what to do with your baby or toddler who loves milk but won’t eat?

Weight and Body Image Issues in Children

Accredited dietitian and nutritionist Deb answers a ParentTV members question: "Just asking some advice on how to address children, in particular, preteen/teen girls who have issues with their weight/ body…