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How to communicate with your child’s school when you have a problem

When a child brings a problem at school to our attention we can very often jump to conclusions about what happened.  Here Maggie gives some tips on how to stay…

What it means for play to be self selected

What is play and why is it important for our children? Teacher Tom gives some insightful examples into the importance of play for children.

What does open ended play mean?

Teacher Tom discussed the importance of open ended play and how encouraging this in today's technology focused world is an important milestone that many of our children are missing out…

What is so good about a junkyard playground

Teacher Tom talks about the importance of giving our children different items that enables them to create their own 'play equipment'.

Help My Child Doesn’t Want to go School

(3:37 mins) Is your son or daughter refusing to go to school?

Is my child ready for school?

(5:50 mins) Is my child ready for big school?

Preparing Your Child To Start School

Practical tips for making your child's transition to 'big school' as smooth as possible.

How a growth mindset can be developed through play

(3:03 mins) How a growth mindset can be developed through play

Preparing toddlers for childcare or preschool

(4:40 mins) When preparing your child for preschool here are three areas that are essential and they may not be what you think!

What are some guilt-free (even educational) ideas for screen-time for pre-schoolers?

Learn some educational ways you can use screens with your pre-schooler.

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