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Responding to your child’s problems at school

In this video, Primary School Principal, Andrew Oberthur, outlines the options parents have when choosing how to respond to problems their child is having at school.

What can I do if my child has been unfairly disciplined at school?

In the school environment, there will be times when teachers feel the need to discipline your children. But, what can you do if your child says they’ve been disciplined unfairly?…

My child’s teacher isn’t communicating with me. What can I do?

In this video, Primary School Principal, Andrew Oberthur, discusses how parents can approach a teacher who’s not communicating with them about what’s happening at school.

My child’s teacher is a bit slack. What can I do?

A lot of teachers are excellent, but then there’s the other ones...Here’s what to do if you think your child’s teacher is a bit slack, from Primary School Principal, Andrew…

Should my child repeat a year at school?

Primary School Principal, Andrew Oberthur, discusses whether or not children who aren’t progressing should repeat a year level, in what circumstances, and what effects this decision may have.

Is homework really necessary?

 Andrew Oberthur, veteran Primary School Principal, dives into the sticky subject of homework: How much (if any), why it’s necessary, and what it should consist of.

What do you do if your child refuses to go to school?

ParentTV expert and Primary School Principal, Andrew Oberthur, has some suggestions for parents dealing with school refusal.

Why you might want to meet with your child’s school

 In this video, Andrew Oberthur, a highly experienced school principal, outlines the reasons that parents usually seek to meet with their child’s school.

Is NAPLAN necessary?

NAPLAN testing has been pretty controversial. Primary school principal, Andrew Oberthur, discusses whether it still has a place in our classrooms, and what purpose it can serve.

Should I ask for my child to change classes?

Andrew Oberthur, Primary School Principal, talks about why it’s not always a good idea to ask for your child to change classes when they’re unhappy. Instead, parents and teachers need…

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