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Anxiety in Teens – What You Need to Know About Anxiety

Most of our teenagers will experience anxiety at some point in time during their adolescent years. It's importnant as their parents to help them understand what it is, why it…

Anxiety in Teens – How to Manage Anxiety

Knowing what anxiety is, why it happens and why it feels the way it does is only one part of the solution to helping our teenagers navigate these big feelings.…

Teens and Depression – The Warning Signs and What to Do

If you are worried about your teen and depression it is worthwhile finding out what the warning signs are and what you can do if you are concerned. This video…

Teens and Depression – Why Teens are Vulnerable and What Parents Can Do

Teenagers are particularly vulnerable to depression due to the changes happening in their brain during the adolescent years. It is important to know why this is the case in order…

What is anxiety and why are children experiencing it?

What is anxiety and what does it look like in a child, both physically and mentally? Allison discusses the signs to look for and causes for the increase of anxiety…

Understanding Overwhelm

What is overwhelm and why are our children experiencing it? Allison looks at triggers and solutions to help your child through these experiences.

Preparing children for a death

(3:44 mins) When someone your children loves is going to die, how can you prepare them?

Perfectionism in children

(3:22 mins) Is your child a perfectionist?

When Children Fear Death

(4:31 mins) Death is a tricky subject to navigate with our kids. But it’s important to talk about it.

Helping Children cope with Death

(4:20 mins) When someone your children loves dies, here are some of the things which are good to know.

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