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Teenage Masks

What persona mask does your teen wear and how do we break through these to be able to see them for who they really are?

The Teen Tipping Point

When our children become teenagers there is so much going on in their world! Maggie discusses how we as parents can work with them to make sure we aren't pushing…

Is my teen addicted to technology?

If you were to ask them, many parents would say the thing they are most worried about when it comes to teenagers is drugs, but there is a new addiction…

Helping your teen make wise decisions

What do you do when your child gets to an age where they want to start making their own decisions...staying out late, going to parties etc? How do we work…

The importance of mentors in your child’s life

Does your tween or teen child have a mentor? Dr Arne explores who a mentor is, what role they play in your child's life and why this is so important.

How storytelling works magic with your kids

(4:16) Do you share stories of your childhood or teenage years with your children? Dr Arne talks through how sharing your childhood experiences (the good and the bad) with your…

How to connect with your teen when they are not interested

(3:26) Dr Arne shares some fantastic tips on when is the best time to and how to best connect with your teen, especially when they are not interested.

How to help you teen create a healthy personal identity

During the teenage years is when children start to develop their own personal identity, separate from their parents. Dr Arne discusses the practical things that parents can do to encourage…

Is it luck your teens don’t make bad choices?

Is what sort of teenager you end up with just luck or is it possible to grow the right type of teen? Dr Arne explores when the right time to…

What to do when your teenagers muckup

It is inevitable that at some point your tween or teen will do something wrong. Often, it is not something a parent can control, but what you can control is…

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