Dr Kristy Goodwin

Fortnite, Youtube and balancing screen time

    Technology expert Dr Kristy Goodwin answers a ParentTV member’s ‘Ask An Expert’ question: “We try and limit screens during the week but lately we’ve had some issues where Master 11 has snuck devices during the week including today on a sick day, first I caught him with an iPhone, then an iPod, then a Samsung tablet, these are my husband’s devices – clearly he needs to change his password!

    My biggest concern in all of this is I am worried that my son lives and breathes Fortnite, he watches it on Youtube when he’s not playing it…he’s getting behind at school, doesn’t read etc. My question is how to encourage him to play or watch you tube less often? I suspect its about us as parents firming the boundaries but how to do this calmly without too much conflict?”