Dr Vanessa Lapointe

Help, my child is a runner!

    Dr Vanessa answers a ParentTV members question:

    “Our 3-year-old is a fan of fleeing. It’s almost as though his circle of security spans around the whole globe. He is well and truly a rooster by nature and we try our best to keep his emotional cup full. However, I am now turning into an anxious helicopter parent. He runs at school drop off time, he runs at shopping centres, runs away at beach and park outings. It’s not always a run for running away purpose but occasionally because he’s committed to exploring his surrounds.

    We’ve talked about dangers and telling him to let an adult know but nothing is sinking in. He is on a mission to explore regardless of what we keep trying to instal. Please help. I am riddled with anxiety and no longer want to take him out as each outing just causes me more stress rather than it being an opportunity to bond.”