Dr Vanessa Lapointe

Help my child is sucking on things, picking their body and starting to talk like a baby

    A ParentTV member submitted the below  “Ask An Expert” question and Dr Vanessa Lapointe answers her question in this video.

    “Our daughter who was 5 in November and started Prep this year has started to suck on her hair (pulling parts around to her mouth), or sucking on her school collar and talking like a baby.
    It happens daily (ALOT!!) and happens when at home/weekends. These habbits have purely started since school, I haven’t noticed other children in her class doing it so I’m unsure where these have come from and how to deal with it moving forward. She gets a lot of attention from both of us when at home and its not something I want her younger sister (2.5yo) to pick up on.”