Dr Kristy Goodwin

Is it okay to hand over my phone if my child tells me they’re bored?

(5:30 mins) Most of us have handed over our smartphone to calm down a screaming child at their sibling’s swimming lesson, or given in to our child’s non-stop whinging about being bored waiting at the doctor’s surgery, by handing over our smartphone or the iPad. However, many parents fret about this habit. Is it okay to do this? How can I stop my child developing a dependence on the device? In this video Dr Kristy arms parents with research-based advice about using screens as a digital pacifier and suggests a range of practical ideas to ensure that your child develops healthy technology habits from the start (and doesn’t always rely on your phone for entertainment the minute they’re bored, upset, or dealing with other big emotions.) Kristy shares simple advice, without making you feel guilty or worried.

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