Stephanie Wicker

Toddler Sibling Conflict

    Toddler behaviour expert Steph Wicker answers a ParentTV members question: “I have a Three year old speech and gross motor delayed little man and a Seventeen month old little miss. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to navigate between them fighting with each other. Since there is a no proper form of communication and just guessing and hoping they will listen, just me talking doesn’t help. Mr Three has taken strong possession over most toys and items that’s he’s played with previously and if ms 1 touches it, he becomes extremely angry and pushes or tries to pull her out the way so he can have it back. This is regardless if he’s playing with it or if it’s been sitting there for hours and she picks it up. It ends with both crying, I’ve tried validating feelings of both children but just end up sitting on the floor holding both crying children and since the problem hasn’t been solved, it will just repeat if I don’t take the item away.”