Maggie Dent

When kids use colourful language

    A ParentTV Member asked our experts: “My little girl has started Prep this year and picked up a lot of language that we don’t use at home. She has started calling her brothers stupid regularly when out of ear shot range from me. She also calls them other names like bum bum etc but stupid seems to be the most regular.

    My response is ‘we don’t use those words in our family’ ‘it’s not ok to use those words they are words that hurt people’ ‘how would you feel if they started calling you those names’ ‘it’s not kind and not necessary’.

    I really want her to understand the impact her words has on others and develop more empathy toward those who she particularly loves. She is really good at using empathy at school but when she comes home it all comes out on those she loves the most. I understand tiredness is at play here as well but I would like advice around wording if it’s not correct.”